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$2000 / $8000 Professional Workstation PC

We often build custom computers for the fact that we can toy with the components to make machines that play everything we want at the most modest expense. But at another place in a different time or dimension, some of us have the need ...Read More

$800 / $900 Custom Gaming PC Build

If you are an enthusiast PC Gamer, this custom configuration should be the very one and truly gaming rig you’d ever built; and better yet, the computer will definitely require a very reasonable budget. This system sharply aims for processing power as well as ...Read More

$600 / $700 Custom Gaming PC Build

The previous $500 Custom Gaming PC Build is an ideal configuration for entry-level gaming system. It has sufficient power for casual games and quite many 3D games, but it lacks the  performance of a true gaming computer. Now having the budget raised a little higher, it ...Read More

$500 Custom Gaming PC Build

This is the first gaming configuration in the lower budget category. Yes it’ll play Starcraft, Diablo, Skyrim, Battlefield and other taxing games.. at a modest setting (except for porn, you’ll get 1080p with the correct video format). This configuration has a very optimal processing ...Read More