The Best and Free Programs


Ninite is the most useful, automatic installer for your new custom pc.
It helps you create a fully personal setup file with software of your choice for just a few clicks away. The program is quick and very easy to use; however, you will need an active Internet connection during the entire installation because Ninite needs to get access to the latest version of your chosen software.

AVG AntiVirus Free

One of the best free antivirus softwares around and it even offers anti-malmares, secure shredder, Do Not Track, scheduled scan features all for the same cost!


This nifty program does one simple job that life would have been really bad without it. Unlocker neutralize those active processes that prevent you from uninstalling a program because it is currently in use. Unlocker will show in your right-click context menu once you set it up. However, pay some attention during the installation process because Unlocker will try to install some third-party bloatwares.


What happens when you deleted and removed an important file or a bunch of pictures and videos then instantly regret it? No worries, there is still hope. Recuva is that super fast, life saver program that will scan your drives, media cards or portable device to find the all lost bacon you once had. As long as you didn’t shredded it with some advanced file removal program.


CCleaner is one hell of a legendary system tool that everyone knows and loves. The program has hundreds of option to clean up junk files and unused registry on your aging computer, makes it feel like a young babe all over again.

Secunia PSI

Once you have all the useful tune up and anti-virus software on your computer, you may need Secunia PSI to keep them up to date. This program runs silently in the background, consumes very little resource and automatically patches the programs of your choice to their latest version without breaking a sweat.

Sumatra PDF

A blazing-fast and accurate PDF file reader that has all the good things as strongly opposed to the slow, clunky, constant nagging about updates Adobe Reader you always know. Foxit Reader is also another great alternates.


Wizmouse cures one irritation of Windows that once you know it, you cannot live without. With Wizmouse, now you can scroll down on the behind windows that are not forefront and focused. Very convenient !


Online users have an average of 7 account infos from website that they use. It’s not easy to remember the password for each one them, let alone most site has a different requirements for creating a password. So don’t set your brain on fire with your own passwords; use Dashlane, LastPass or Keepass to do the grunt work for you.

Office Suite

Most custom computers don’t come with a preinstalled office software so we gotta fix that. If you don’t want to spend big money on Microsoft’s besides your OS, you can download OpenOffice or LibreOffice for free. They are the best open-source options and continue to improve everyday.


This program is like the Google for your PC. It replaces Windows native search with its own lightning-fast, instant-search results engine. Now you can find any files and folders in a blink of an eye.


F.lux is the only program that could help you sleep better at night, literally. F.lux automatically change the color tone of your bright, white screen into a warmer, cozier hues when the sun sets based on your physical location. It keeps your eyes relaxed for late night work and make sleep easier when you’re done with the computer.

Build Your Own PC

Where To Buy Hardware Components ?
There  many options to purchase computer components or other electronics online, but very limited when it comes to brick and mortar stores. Hence, CPG always has a quick and straight-forward product price report through Amazon for your convenient shopping (Disclaimer).

Nevertheless, that should not be the only source you look for during the process of building your own computer: always do research, always compare prices. Here is the list of recommended websites and stores you should give a shot for shopping:

Amazon and Newegg

They are two largest online stores for all your electronics and technology needs.

Both Amazon and Newegg customer service are good, shipping is fast, payment is secured and return policy is just as commendable. In most scenario, you will be able to get all the parts recommended on Custom PC Guide .net to build a system via these two websites.

I have done most of the homework and testing on different components just to give you the best and easy-to-find recommendations. The drawbacks of online shopping is you get less of technical support, virtually no chance of touch and feel of the product and often confused how certain features work. That’s why I am here :) ! I hope this place will be your first visit when you need help on building your own computer.

Ebay, Craglist, TechForLess, etc..

You may find the best deals on any stuffs you are looking for from these sites. However many of them are used, refurbished or even counterfeit. Some product may be dead on arrival. Or fry itself. I don’t want to be the one dumps gas onto the fire, but there are chances that you cannot return the defective item. However with all those negative possibilities out of the way, if you know what you are doing and who you are dealing with, you still can get the best out of those webstores. Sometimes it is even better than the more popular stores.

I have a buddy who usually builds really awesome gaming rigs with parts from these sites. He once made one for $800 and resold it for almost $1400. I say that is heck of a deal since it did not take him more than three days of ordering, assembling and shipping it out.

Don’t pay retail on computers & electronicsBe sure to look for reputable sellers, research for product prices carefully (it should not be at the level of too-good-to-be-true!) and pay close attention to product’s description as well as return policy.

MicroCenter, Bestbuy, Fry’s…

BestBuy is familiar with almost every tech-savvy person that I know of. If you need a laptop, you will come to BestBuy. If you need a branded desktop, you will probably go there, too. However, if you are to build your own system you should look elsewhere because Bestbuy does not carry as many variety of computer parts as other online stores and I have heard quite many complaints about their sales team.

The only brick and mortar store that could possibly compete with the Internet is MicroCenter. If you happen to live close to a local one you are born lucky. There are people who would drive across state to come to MicroCenter. These chain stores have very decent customer service and their tech advisors are quite knowledgeable. Many times we paid the store a visit and came up with some random technical questions, most of them are well answered by the sales guys there. And better yet, they have a lot of computer parts in stock with a extremely competitive price (CPU prices sometimes even lower than Newegg or CPU + $50 Off Motherboard bundle). They also have a Build Your Own Computer department there. The return policy seems to change recently to compete with other stores and it is a good thing : no restocking fees and 30 days of return on any parts.

Some other stores that might be well considered are Fry’s, HHgregg and small local pc stores but I would say these are hit or miss in term of stock and options are usually low. However, it never hurts to try for the best deals. That is part of the fun to build your own computer: when your $700 PC smokes a $1600 brand-name computer by a mile :D !

What instruction or tools do you need for a PC assembly ?

If you have no idea how to assemble a custom computer, you definitely have to check out these instructional build your own pc video clips put together by NewEgg. They do a very good job of explaining all the steps you will go through during the whole building processes. It cannot be any better marketing than this :P Newegg give out useful information for free and they get a lot back in return. It is one way of creating a persistent income online if you know about marketing and all its strategy.

Then would you build a computer without a toolkit? Of course not. I used the common Philip screwdriver throughout the assembly. Some tool maybe a little bit overrated such as the anti-static mat or anti-static wristwrap, but it never hurts to be a little bit cautious especially on your first build. If you do not have these accessories, you can replace the wristwrap by touching the side panel of the case to release all static discharge on the body. You do not really need a anti-static mat, but be sure NOT to work inside the computer on a carpet while wearing short and sweat pants. But in any case that you really need to buy one, here is the list:

Belkin Anti-Static Wrist Band with Adjustable Grounding

Out of stock on Amazon, but it might be available for great price on EBAYNEWEGG