8 Trusted Online Affiliate Programs That Can Help Your Website Earn Money

The Internet has made a lot of people wealthy and there is no doubt you could be one of them.

At home work Have you ever thought of your custom-built computer could one day be a professional tool you use to advance your own career on the Internet ? The concept of working at home from your computer is not something new, unproven and impossible.

As a matter of fact, everyday there are more people who realize its potential and begin their journey to an extremely successful passive income life (creating a life-time asset).

How Do The Young People Make Over $50,000 A Month From Their Blog ?

However most of us do not get to see the light of success because we either took the wrong initial step or fell victim into some malicious scam scheme.

When you first start your website, if you aim for the money in mind and not the service it should provide to the audience, you will lose your credibility.

Why ? Try putting yourself in the shoe of the reader first.

A noisy websiteYou would never buy anything from a strange website with thin and spamming content because it surely does not have your trust.

I guarantee you have come across many website just once, only for the information they give and never come back again because you know it does not have anything else that is worth your attention and time.

On other hand if I surf a website and like the content for what it says is true and great, I would visit it again next time and then another.

One turns two then ten and thousands (Boy, that escalated quickly!). But by that time, it is more likely for me to buy something they introduce or follow the recommendation they suggest.

This kind of sorcery occurs because I’m comfortable with the website, the content is well-written and there are other people who happens to become its daily reader who would agree the same thing.

If your site is new, simply focus on giving out quality content that interests YOU most.

Dat ContentTypically when a person is attached to some subject, he always has more to talk about it. Be that a martial arts style, a football game, a song, an event, a meme etc…the speech could go on and on.

There is always something new, something awesome, a question, a related idea, etc…. to discuss about. Be enthusiast and passionate like that to your blog, then you will create a lot of great articles people love to read.

As your audience base grows, you can begin to implement these good services or products on your website to monetize the blog. You will be suprise how people actually appreciate that you have shared this knowledge and they would never think you are trying to sell them something.

Even if they do, they know you deserve the little in return for all the good things you have done on your blog. In fact, you can begin to share your exciting online journey and shows everyone how you have made it happen.

Keep in mind that you should always put your audience on the top priority, don’t disappoint them with cheap and useless information.

You gain what you leap.

Now these are most promoted products across the web. There are millions more of them and couple hundreds new everyday.

However, they might not have been widely used and tested therefore you could be introducing 1) a bad product to your people and they begin to hate you like there is no tomorrow (December 21st) or 2) you catch the gold rush and actually win big with a huge applaud from your readers.

If you do not want to bet your new site on sheer luck and rather stick with something known good with great style great fashion, perhaps try this small list many people use.

1. Bluehost – Hostgator
Hosting services are in the blooming era whereas hundreds of new website are registered per day. If you want to have a personal website, you must have a domain and a server (except if you want to self-host on your own pc but it is more headache than a Nile fever).

HostgatorSince the host will be responsible everything about your website, it is extremely important that you set out to do the research about hosting company carefully. Besides all the initial intense gameplans and works you want to do with your brand new website, the last thing you need is intermittent timeout connection, or lagging, or downtime, or ghetto customer support, etc.. they will quickly stress the airhole out of your sanity before someone can say FUBAR.

As far as all the rating and reviews reveal, these two host services Bluehost and Hostgator, have the most positive feed backs among other candidates.

Custom PC Guide .net is using JustHost.

Connection Timedout

I’m a little regret because I did not do my homework before choosing to go with them.

A lot of complaints show that JustHost usually drops the connection or loads their website very slowly. This hurts SEO and the value of the content in the eyes of the search engines. Google did the infamous “google dance” on Custom PC Guide .net several times, which is more like a penalty. It removes all results that point to Custom PC Guide .net. Bad, indeed.

I’m glad that the appropriate content and the audience here always bring Custom PC Guide .net back to the top pages.

Now when you choose to be an affiliate for either one, or both of the services you will receive an affiliated link to use with your blog.

They do provide coupon offer that you can show on your page. Most of the time it is between 15% to 20% OFF. That along drives a very high conversion rate, which returns good earning for the entrepreneurs.

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income reveals in his Monthly Income Report that Bluehost affiliate program alone earns him roughly over $20,000 a month.

2. Thesis Theme – Themeforest
A WordPress ThemeAs soon as we begin to get our blog up and running, a majority of us want to make our homepage looks better.

Because of the vast amount of WordPress users in the world, you will have a very strong market to begin with.

Both theme providers here have a lot of beautiful layouts for not only WordPress but other content-management engine as well such as Joomla, Drupal, etc…Learn and discover the most popular theme or find a trend in the community then promote the hell out of it. The key is to catch the right wind.

Entrepreneurs who provide the best solution in his profession could earn over $1000 a month from just one affiliated theme a month. For example, don’t introduce a MMA-style to the hell theme when your blog is teaching single-mom how to open a parenting blog to earn money at home.

3. Market Samurai – Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool

A lot of website and blogs on the Internet depend their life on the traffic sent by search engines. Just like a lot of first time Custom PC Guide .net audience, many of us who have found a website from a search result, especially from Google. It could be a simple term or a random phase that leads you here but it is extremely vital for a website. If you are a webmaster or a blogger, you sure know how important that is.

You definitely want to improve the ranking of any particular keywords that land more people to your homepage by work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Market Samurai

The reason many Internet entrepreneurs talk a lot about this Market Samuraibecause 1) it has an excellent affiliated program that cuts you up to 48% of the total sale ($147) and 2) it is a keyword analysis program that actually works. This means the entrepreneur does not just promote a full of crap software to their audience but something that delivers its promises while earns a pay through the referral.

In a nutshell, the program mainly guides you through steps to picking a profitable keywords or strategies to gain a higher rank in the search result as well as polishing your content the right way to get the traffic it deserves.

Market Samurai  or other Keyword Research tool provides you an affiliated link to use on your webpage. If a person is introduced to the program through this link and makes a purchase, you will get credited.

You can earn a lot from the program because the it offers the customer a Free Trial. Everybody likes free stuffs, right ? Free NewEgg coupons, free complimentary oil change, free Costco food samples, etc… so people are more likely to try something out before they show the wallet.

Costco does the right thing

When the customers try it, trust it and see the benefits, they buy the program and you get paid. For about $70 each sale.

4. The Best Spinner – Unique Article Wizard

 Unique Article WizardIt’s kinda inconvenient that Google judges a new site not only based on the quality content it provides but also how many times other websites link to that specific content. But if a website is completely new like a fruit fresh off the farm, then nobody would link to it because no one knows about its damn existence. Consequently, the traffic will never increase.

The webmaster has to do what is called links building. That means they should write more content for other website instead of their own, in exchange for a link that points back to their homepage. More than often, this process could be very time-consuming and tiresome.

Nowadays, social networks do play an important role to promote your website but it dies out gradually. Good content blog eventually brings you better and more loyal audience. Therefore, the more quality topics you put out there the more chance people get noticed of you and your brand.

Sometimes you finish a heavenly interesting article and you want the whole world to read it but it seems like no one cares even days after the article was published. You can copy this article and distribute it over a broad selection of online content sharing service such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Infobarrel, etc.. however, this practice does more harm than good for your website.

Google dislikes duplicated content and if it finds the same article on your blog over other more trustworthy domains, your young website may stand a chance against the penalty. Therefore, people use article spinning program to alter their article under different forms and shapes. In other words, the words are changed but the context remain the same.

Article Spinning

5. OptinSkin – Aweber


OptiSkin is a WordPress plugin that is widely promoted by a lot of bloggers. First, the design is very catchy (pretty) and it is known to greatly increase the email conversion rate of people who visit your website.

Second, it gives you incentive for each sale. Similar to other products on this page, it is a win-win situation for everyone. People get more email participation, seller earns more money and you earn money, too.

OptiSkin in Action

Aweber is one of the most used email marketing service among bloggers and many popular website. It allows you to manage, schedule a newsletter to your readers on a daily basis or special events. It is bridge of communication between your front-end homepage and your supportive crowd. Many of us use this program to keep our audience up to date with the current news on our blog.

All that for a cost of 20 bucks a month. If someone purchase the service by your affiliated link, you will get recurring payments up to 30% per sale. This means every time the customer pays his monthly bill, you are paid 30% of the total amount. Great!


However, keep in mind that you don’t always need these add-ons to make a good blog. Your content is a lot, A LOT more important than any fancy touch you put on your new website.

Don’t just promote any item because it looks good. Promote one that works for you because it is easier to spot a lie, don’t introduce your audience to something you never use and never have experience with. These scheme usually falls short and will not bring you a lifetime passive income online.

6. Sucuri

That moment when you type in the URL of your website and a complete blank page appears! Or even worse when it reads “This website has been f*cked up by Aladeen! Sucker!”

Cyber security is as significant as keeping your house safe from thugs and thieves. Often it is even more scary to think of your source of income, your website that puts food on your table and makes you a living, is exposed naked to millions of malicious people who’s more than eager to rape the crap out of it. No !

People promote Sucuri because it monitors, protects and prevents the online site from malware that hackers usually leave on the localhost to extract your configuration data (called shell). The service does not completely stop the attack but it sends you an alert as soon as something suspicious happens, which gives you time to react. This is a valuable feature to have if your host does not provide such solution.

7. Virtualstafffinder – Elance – Odesk

Virtual Assistant Services

I first introduced these online service in 5 Fun Ways To Make Money Online Today If You Don’t Have A Website. The article was to show you how to work for these service as a freelance employee (virtual assistant) and earn the pay by working on people’s project, but this time they come as an affiliated program.

When people become successful with their blog, they tend to venture into a new challenges and they usually neglect the old website they first started. Now they can solve this issue by hiring an online assistant who can do chores that they assign. Let that be writing an article, research for content, create a design or manage the website, etc…there are people out there who are willing to help with a small fees. This is business is after all. Your role is to connect the person who needs help to the people who can help by introducing them to these online virtual assistant services. At the end of the day when a solution is met, you earn a commission.

8. Amazon – Commission Junction – Clickbank

Most of the programs above only sell virtual products. Being an Amazon affiliate allows you to access to everything in their inventory. This means you have huge selection at hand to promote on your website.

Kimono only. Girlfriend is not included


The commission rate is not as high as other programs but they can be very competitive if you have a large audience base. Things add up very quickly when done right, this is one program you shouldn’t miss out.

An Affiliated Amazon Income ReportWhile Amazon Affiliate program allows you to sell all their products which are from other third-party manufacturers, CJ and Clickbank on the other hand allows you to get the direct deals from the manufacturers themselves. It’s pretty safe to say you play as the Amazon role in this scenario.

However, the process is a little more complex when you have to be approved by the seller first hand before you can promote their products. Sometimes your request can be denied if your website do not meet certain qualification but there are many great sellers out there who only has their affiliated program through Commission Junction or Clickbank such as ThinkGeek, NewEgg, Crucial, Elance, etc…

The commission rate is usually higher than Amazon’s and some of them are really hot in the market which draws a lot of public attention.

I could be a little bit surprise if one day seeing your blog talking passionately about helicopters. But majorly I won’t be too too surprised. I know you just have to find and seize that opportunity. Do the right thing consistently and be successful, the only chance you fail is when you give up !

Affiliate Programs – Sign Up Links

  1. BlueHost
  2. HostGator
  3. Thesis Theme
  4. Themeforest
  5. Market Samurai
  6. Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool
  7. The Best Spinner
  8. Unique Article Wizard
  9. OptinSkin
  10. Aweber
  11. Sucuri 
  12. Virtualstafffinder
  13. Elance 
  14. Odesk
  15. Amazon
  16. Commission Junction 
  17. Clickbank
  18. Solavei (Bonus from our sister site – Unlimited & 4G Mobile Service with Affiliate Program)

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