Tiny Review #1 : Using a Thermal Leak Detector to check for air draft, cold air leakage and how angry your wife is.

Thermal Leak Detector

Thermal Leak Detector for $26 and this thing is hours of fun!

I personally use it to check for cold air draft in the house..but here are other extended ways as suggested by others: check temp of bathtub water before you jump in so it doesn’t boil you alive, the ramen soup bowl, how angry your wife is, the cat’s butt, haunted spots in the basement, your ex’s cold heart, etc…

p.s As opposed to a common infrared detector, this gun also emits 3 different lights color indicating different temperature range.

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BLACK+DECKER Thermal Leak Detector (TLD100)
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For those who’re interested, I found an air draft from one of the outlets on the back wall of the house. Sealed it and saved a bunch on heating energy the following month.

Thank you for finishing a tiny review article!

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