When  you come to think of it, just around 10-15 years ago building a computer was one of the most luxurious hobby. Computer parts were difficult and ridiculously expensive in the good old days.

A few of those could easily afford the parts are resellers who bought mass quantity of the units and then assembled the PCs for sale. That made the name of many popular computer manufacturers nowadays.

Back to today era, the whole scenario has been chaged. An every-person can assemble an inexpensive computer that performs shoulder to shoulder to any more expensive branded computers. However, there is still a problem: not many know how or afraid to try. They, he, she, you, me, without the proper knowledge we will not succeed making our own PC due to compatibility issue. But once it all comes together nicely, you will have a kick-ass computer that is truly yours.

Technically, any custom computer (if configured right) is far better than many name-brand prebuilt-systems such as Dell, HP, Acer, Compaq, Toshiba, etc… It is usually a lot less expensive, has better quality components while all advanced features are readily available. Most importantly, it runs so much faster.

Custom-built PC also has a longer working life before it finally retires, because the parts are more recent and up to date. What was the last time your new computer became outdated or very broken the next year? Custom computer probably plays for another additional 3-5 years to come and more likely be able to challenge anything around the corner.

I also like the idea when we find the need for upgrade, custom computer are likely to be compatible with the latest components. Some manufacturers love to throw in proprietary designs such as motherboard layout, weird connectors,etc …that makes switching out chassis or hard drive a world of difficulty.

It is also satisfying to mention a custom PC is never filled with advertising and trial applications. It’s clean, mean and very handsome (in some cases, literally).

What are the drawbacks? Well honestly, the first and most challenging obstacle is to assembling the computer. It could be frustrating at some point to get the system together. Second challenge is to have the operating system up and running. This is usually when you find out whether all the components play well to each other or otherwise you may run into incompatibility issues.

Custom PC Guide .net has test run many PC parts before I could recommend them on this blog. I want to take care of the most time-consuming process for you. This will help you sail very far on the project. Eventually when you reach the outcome, you will immediately realize that it is very satisfying to own something you have built from ground up. You will also learn a lot from this experience and probably be excited for many more in the future.

Sometimes it starts a new hobby or interest. Where you build fancy dream pc machines like a sir.

Sometimes it becomes a new career. Bringing your tech knowledge level over 9000!

Sometimes it motivates a person to start a blog like this,.. who knows.

But at the end of the day, who’d remember those obstacles anyway.

Just kidding, they will come back and haunt you on your next build :D!

Now let’s get started!