Smile Because It Happened

I see some great similarities in the Lego Story to us custom pc builders or tech-savvy alike.

My first custom pc was a whole degree of disaster on its own. Those old days were really tough to customize a computer; there was no instruction, no information and no Internet for research or reviews. It was failure everywhere.

It could have been the most disappointing project ever that we got ourselves into. But it was well worth it and I’m glad I did not give in (and I’m sure most of everyone else back in the day did not, either) .

We spent time, followed our passion and went through all the trouble to gain the valuable knowledge we have today. Piece by piece was learned and put together into something we always dreamed to create by ourself. It became part of our own written history. It is the reason we become successful.

Those were the days. But it is never too late to learn more, there is always room for a lot of improvements, right!

Let’s take a break from assembling custom computers to enjoy this little inspirational video about the most loved toy in the whole world (I dare to say that haha!). And I’ll see you again in the next techy topic :)

Trouble in life is not a challenge of how strong you can be, it is a test of your weakness.

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