NewEgg PC Assembling Videos

These instructional videos by Newegg are actually really helpful. If you are new to build a custom computer, you gotta watch them to get a brief understanding of the whole assembly process.

Essentially, the most important step is placing the CPU into the motherboard socket and the memory modules into the DIMM slots. Because those are the most fragile parts of the computer, you definitely don’t want to bend the processor pins (fortunately the new Intel 2nd Gen processors do not use pin contact anymore) or short-circuit the ram sticks.

Just be a little more careful than usual and your new custom computer should be up and running in no time. I’d love if you share the result with everyone here when you have a chance :D

Part 1 – Choosing Your Components

Part 2 – The Build

Part 3 – Installing Windows & Finishing Touches

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