Play Playstation 1 Games Once Again with this ePSXe and All Plugins

So you built yourself a god-approved gaming rig, pat yourself in the back and sit down for some extremely serious time on Starcraft or Crysis 3. I’d do the same.

That is the fun of it to have a rocking power pc.

FFIX Village of Dali

However it seems no matter how many games we have played on PC and how stunning the visual is, it does not remain in us very long. Sometimes the story could be very good but it doesn’t leave the kinds of memory, the images, the story, the curiosity for the characters or the world around them like those good old games in our childhood could. Admit it.

I’m sure twenty years from now I still remember exactly where that hidden chest is in Spyro, or the path that leads to danger in Tomb Raider III, or even what Zidane said to Garnet when they first left Village of Dali.

I could probably tell at what scene Nemesis would chase the bollocks out of us in the third installment of Resident Evil and how fun it was to play this stupid game called Croc 2 (always pissed me off but it was super challenging).

Nemesis - Biohazard III


I’m sure if you were in those days, you now always have this feeling that urges you to play these old games once again. With your friends, your kids, your spouse. Who knows? Just to let them enjoy and taste some of the sweet moments that made you proud of yourself for kicking some ass, or cry your ass off from suddenly realizing more meaning of life and whatnot, through a game.

Crash Bandicoot

My siblings and I usually gathered around in the evening to play some PSX games. Crash Bandicoot, Dragonballs Final Bout, FFIX, Tomb Raider II, Dino Crisis, NFS 3, you name it…but now that doesn’t happen anymore.

Technology advanced but it somehow it makes us lose the bond and memorial times could have happened with others. We either sit in our own room to play online multiplayer games for weeks or spent a few hours for some fsp on the xbox/ps3 locally –but that’s about it. No chance for anything to give you a nostalgia like it once did.

Well, how about let’s bring it back today! Here is the latest ePSXe emulator with all the newest plugins bundled altogether in a 8 MB package. I’ve included the most recent graphics and sound plugins to get the most out of your new custom gaming rig, all you need to do is pop that old CD in and fire it off to some fun again.

Download ePSXe Bundle

Devlin, remember him :) ?

On a side note, I build a small HTPC using the Cooler Master 120 chassis with a GTX 460 laying around to play all these games on the TV in the living room. It has never been more fun and the total was just around $250 (it could go higher for you since I use old parts). I also have the PS3 controllers connected via a Bluetooth adapter for all games that we play, even Mario Kart.

I hope you still have some PSX laying around somewhere because it’s time to kill !

p.s If you don’t have any, check out this list on Amazon. Or in some rare case, try Google :D

I got the balls !

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