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$800 / $1200 Hybrid Gaming HTPC Build

Couple months ago we built the $350 / $600 Custom Home Theater PC (HTPC) for family entertainment purposes. That little machine was a lovely media box with plenty of juice for HD playback and many modern 3D games. Some of us take advantage of the ...Read More

$600 Entertainment / Productivity PC

(Last revised on 9/23/2012) If your interest happens to lay on the latest Intel processor, this budget-friendly configuration could be the machine you really enjoy to build from scratch. The essential difference that costs this configuration more than the $590 Productivity PC Build is ...Read More

$600 Custom Productivity Computer

This system specification falls sharp onto the HD Entertainment, Multimedia and Productivity category. The Asrock Z68 Gen3 Pro3 motherboard is powered by the super quad-core Intel i5 2nd Gen 2500k 3.4GHz processor. Both of these main components are the stars of this computer build. ...Read More

$400 Entertainment / Productivity PC

(Last Revised 8/22/2012)   It is not only a great custom computer for home and work assignments but it is also an ideal system for entry-level HD Entertainment purposes. The Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H Motherboard provides plenty of modern features such as SATA III 6gbps ports, USB 3.0 ports, PCI ...Read More