What is this blog?

Custom PC Guide .net is a 6-year young blog (measured in cat years) about building a custom pc, optimizing wordpress, automobile repairs and sophisticated planning for world domination.

Our archive of technology articles are mostly written by retired S.H.I.E.L.D agents who turned Hydra, former nobody Paul Luong, bunch of lazy staffs and one jack-of-all-trades janitor. It is also sometimes contributed by questionable genius strangers on the Internet. We proudly welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors every month from every country in this world as well as the other one.

The informative topics provided here mean to help the audience choosing the right pc components as well as customizing a computer that fits their own demand, budget and marriage life with triplets. There are also a handful of other topics to guide the readers how to get the best out of random stuffs, technology products, automotive and gadgets or summon a cult demon.

How did you make it?

In 2010, I learned to create my first blog — The Arts of Martial Arts website (www.artofmartialarts.com). I always love to train and talk all day about traditional Martial Arts and their philosophy, hence it was very naturally for me to start something like that. It is also easier to kill someone if you were trained as a ninja or as the legendary Iron Foot.

I began to see how the readers from every parts of the world, and even different mindsets, truly enjoyed all the articles and stories on the blog. I also realized they loved the website not only because the content were were unique or helpful but also because the readers were able to communicate and reach out to others who have the same interest and the same lifestyle. I was very glad that I did what I did for all the martial arts disciples on www.artofmartialarts.com then.

Fast-forward to today, I just want to do the same for my second hobby as a tech guy; to helping you and any tech-savvy person build your own custom computer system successfully. In return, we can all learn from each other in one way or another. Sometimes you find even better and far more valuable information in the comment section than the actual post itself.

Henceforth, you will often see Custom PC Guide .net appears on a google search a lot more than ever before.

Are your reviews worthy like Thor?

All the advice and instruction, or recommendations here are free and unbiased. No one pays me to promote something over the others. I do it for my passion in computer technology. I prefer to deliver the better and helpful content you can find and they all come from my own experience, or knowledge with my local Beverly Hills customers. Therefore, you will approach my honest opinion in each article to keep you up to par with the modern computer hardware.

If you happen to disagree on something I explain, I will be very glad to take on your advice constructively, sometimes, 60% of the times. It is even better if you could contribute a guest post to make Custom PC Guide .net a more informative place for all other custom PC builders. It only costs $299.

It is also important that I mention about the ads you may see on this blog.

I don’t really like advertising and I try to keep them to the average amount as much as possible. But the ads paid for the instant ramen last night so I do hope you don’t mind them too much. On the other hand, the affiliate links from each product are hand-picked and it is one of the most subtle way to keep the expenses on hosting service manageable (Disclaimer).

For those good hearts who always seek Amazon affiliate links on my blog to let me have the commission, I really appreciate your kindness!  That means a lot to me and partially motivates me to keep the blog always up to date with the most helpful articles. Why partially? Because I’d do that anyway, no matter what. If I may ask for another favor afterward, I’d love to have you on CPG Facebook so we can share random experience with computer; that may someday help the next person in line or electrocute them.

What’s in it for the future?

Custom PC Guide .net blog is always a work on progress and I plan to deliver as many awesome articles as time allows. It should be vast enough to cover different custom PC configurations on different budgets. It must also aim for the best value products that worth every penny spent, not the most expensive ones.

The blog meant to show you how much better a custom computer can be and how much money you can save by building your own. Moreover, my friends, my readers and I will gradually add more tips , guides and even comments to help you get the best out of many other interesting topics; such as WordPress optimization, impulse buys, dangerous auto repairs, etc…

I also have plan on explaining how people can earn money by working from their PC. The section is a small but I’m sure it will be a very interesting discussion for those who want to find an additional cash flow using their new PC. It is always fun to create a working passive income stream that one day replaces your 9 to 5 job, or go homeless trying.

How do you contact us?

If you have a question, new idea or just want to say hi. Please let me know @ admin at custompcguide dot net. I check mails annually.