MicroCenter Special Deals & Coupon

Microcenter is currently running the following specials in BYOPC Department, take advantages of these great offers to build your own computer. Here are some build samples that we got from the advisors over there !

The following coupon sheets were tested and are working as of June 2016.



o1. If budget allows, get the Microcenter Replacement Plans for your components. This plan is the best worry-free warranty that yeilds the most return of investment for your hardware, based on our own experience.

For instance, if your $300 video card dies from a surge two years from now, you can simply turn it in at the customer service –they never make it a hassle or question you. Now you’d get a full in-store credit refund for the same $300 dollar amount you paid for the video card in the past. Then use that gift card to buy newer stuffs. The best part is they take your words for whatever reason you need to turn your hardware in. The plan can only be used once so you will need to buy another plan for the new item. I guess it’s a win-win for both parties : you get the new shiny GTX 1080 for minimum cost difference while they get money for the warranty and keep you coming back in the future.

2. Some local Microcenter runs weekend deals or clearance deals that even beat its own chain price. Keep an eye out for these specials.

That Gigabyte X99 motherboard is $100.

The MSI GTX 960 here is $130.

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How we can take advantage of it to make our self computer?.