DIY Super Awesome Iron Throne phone charger and Step by Step how to do it

This is a really cool DIY project shared by NaturalNerdiy, be sure to check out her other works and support her page if you have a chance! Video tutorial of the Game of Throne phone charger is at the end of this article.

Finished Product

Nathalie Emmanuel NSFW scene in Game of Thrones (S07E02 Spoiler)

Step by Step Guide for GoT Phone Charger Throne

Materials Shopping List

1 – Cocktail swords (buy at least 10 bags)

2 – Nippers

3 – Medium-density Fibreboard (local pickup available at Homedepot or Micheal’s)

4 – Band saw

5 – Wood glue

6 – Angle brackets

7 – Pluck foam

8 – 2mm foam sheet

9 – Glue gun

10 – Drill and drillbits

11 – Heatgun

12 – Metallic spray paint (base)

13 – Silver acrylic coating

14 – Bronze acrylic coating

15 – Small nails

I used this USB cable I had lying around

600 plastic cocktail swords, usually used in drinks

They look like this

Cutting off part of the handle with nippers

What they looked like when cut

It was a long process cutting all those swords to shape

Tracing the size of my phone on some scrap MDF I had leftovers from another project

Back piece made a bit wider than my phone, and the seat.

Cutting out the pieces with a band saw

Here’s all the pieces needed to make the basic throne shape

Adding regular wood glue

Fastening it with clamps and adding some small nails

Back was a bit woobly, so I added some angle brackets to the inside to straighten it up

Basic MDF throne is finished!

Comparison; what I want it to look like, what it currently looks like

Using thick hobby foam to create the correct shape

Hot glue to attach it

Rough shape is done, doesn’t need to look too good

From the front

Gonna cover it all up with this thin grey 2mm hobby foam, which will smooth out the surfaces

Adding it to the back first, because I need to make adjustments to the placement of the phone and charger

Starting to glue on swords to the top rigde with hot glue

The swords create a thick layer, and now I can mark up where the phone and charger should be placed

Drawing a line holding the phone flat against the back


And drilling a hole from underneath

Needed two holes to make it wide enough

Filed it down to the right shape

And now the cable fits

Also adding a path for the wire to run through so it sits flush against the table

Adding some more foam to make a socket for the phone to slide into

Covering up the rest with the thin foam

Using a heat gun to bend the swords where necessary

They’re easily bendable

And then glue it on where needed

I’m colour-coding the sections because I found it easier to see the depth and layers of swords, where I had to fill in and in which direction the swords were going

Still a lot of surface to cover

Cutting off the blades to use for the top crown, saving the handles for later

Almost finished – used the leftover handles on the three ridges on the back and along the edges

All swords are glued on – all that’s left are the ones in the corner

I used those to fill any gaps. All 600 swords gone

Used black spray paint fit for plastic to make a base for painting

Looks a lot better now

Going to use dry brushing technique with this silver acrylic paint to coat it

It’s basically painting with close to no paint on the brush, and working in several layers to highlight the right spots

This way, the darkest shadows are still there, and you get really bright highlights

Left: black base coat, right: first layer of silver dry brushing

Using just a bit of bronze on top to give it some depth

Inserting cable

Connecting it to the phone

Pushing it in place, so the cable will fit where it should before gluing

Using hot glue to fix it in place

Also gluing the cable here

Checking if it works…

… and it does!

Covered up the throne so I could spray the cable black (purple really didn’t fit)

Spraying it with the leftover black paint

Much better now

Super hyped about season 7 now. Hope it was worth the scrolling!

Video Tutorial

And the best edited photo of the project yet…

(by hoecrux)

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