Here are the sweetest and most popular gadgets that I have searched high and low exclusively just for you, even more than my own lost USB that has 20,000 bitcoins in it –now safely resting somewhere in a junk yard in Rockville, MD.

Anyway, these nice stuffs often cost less than a hundred dollar which make them excellent gifts for Christmas and other holiday occasions! If you have a suggestion please comment for the upvote glory. Now to view the product on the retailer’s website, just click on the item’s name to view in a new window.

That’s Bullshit! Button

– Your back against the wall in an argument with your wife? Press this button!
– Officer starts your day with a speeding ticket? Press this button!
– Friend is bullshitting you? You know what to do!

Use this nifty device to invalidate all arguments in real life and earn you that dominance of an alpha male in any debate.

This button has also helped many keyboard warriors battle bravely outside of their jurisdiction.

Help Your Friend’s Kid Learn ABC

Knowing a young kid who’s struggling to learn the alphabet? You might be going to hell for making it insanely more difficult now.

Head Hammock

No more neck pain while laying on the side. Just like this man at the beach with a tiny deck chair to rest his head like a real civilized human being…he’s living in 3018.

7″ Squishable Corgi Plush

It’s so fluffy I could die!” –Squishable Corgi Plush hugger.

Potty Putter – Toilet Golf


Magnetic Decision Maker

Here’s from one of the 5-star reviews :

No longer do I have to debate if I should accept a specific job offer (Try Again) or if I should finally pursue my lifelong dream of owning a convertible Porche (Yes). I have even started taking the Decision Maker with me when I go out…read the rest

Schylling Woodpecker

This would be one of the best $6 toy you ever bought. It’s just simple fun!

Levitating Gravity-Defying Water

This is how to drink water like a Skyrim boss

Super-Bungee Chair

Rage quit can now be more fatal and comfortable at the same time

K’NEX Electric Inferno Roller Coaster

K’NEX Swing Ride

[Youtube Intro]

Release your genius inner child! Kids love this every single time.

*I actually bought the Serpent’s Spiral version, and the story kinda went something like this.

Performance Tool 600W Air Blower

Nifty little electric air blower with 600W power, generating 75 MPH that’ll blow your chihuahua away. Or somebody’s pants.

HQ Chibi Figurines

chibi-cute-nendoroid Nendoroid = Really fine details Chibi.

Orbitwheel Skates

What’s another better way to get right into an unintended hamstring split?

120-Pack Glue-On Googly Eyes

Put. these. EVERYWHERE.

Rainproof Collapsible Hand crank LED Lantern

A device to help you train the left arm as well. Also good when camping or during a power outage fap.

55 Gallon barrel of Lubricant

Single men’s all time favorite!

Pikachu wearing Charizard Hoody Plush Doll

Don’t claim to be a Pokemon Master if you haven’t caught this one!

Electrolux Upright Vacuum


The only vacuum cleaner that has an electric brush-roll cutter to easily remove hair that stuck in the bottom brush roll. You step on the button, the brush roll motor fires up and the sharp blade engages cutting all the tangled hair in the brush roll.

Helps cleaning up a murder scene a lot easier.

Handheld Water Filtration Straw

Filter 99% of bacteria up to 260+ gallons.

Invisible Bookshelf

41govXrMwFLGotta show off that 50 shades of grey collection somehow, right?

Wallet Survival Kit

51IQttVIfxL You’d wish you had this when you are most needing it.

Siphon Transfer Pump Kit

Use this to extract engine oil, transmission oil or coolant fluid from your vehicle. Much easier and cleaner than getting underneath the car.

The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes

Dad: I think i want to quit my job. I’d rather clean mirrors for a living, it’s just something I can see myself doing.

Carousel Tape Dispenser

What could you do to patch a victim with multiple artery cuts and how could you even do it fast it enough so they don’t bleed out to death? Vascular trauma is no joke and for almost $300, you can save the world.

Robotic Vacuums

“..hence I ordered two entry-level yet features-packed robotic vaccuum cleaners, hoping they could fight each other like what I saw them Battlebots do on Youtube…” @ Check out our review here.

LED Spinner Wand

“Unlimited POWER!!” —all babies

Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition

Expanding relationship-breaking opportunities, only a little behind Mario Kart.

Mini Inflatable Tube Guy

The best companion in your life, ever.
Here’s why.

1080p Spy Pen

“why are you wearing a button shirt with a pen in your pocket while we have sex?”
“No reason”

Digital Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sight

We will never be able to tell you why you’d need this device as convincing as this man ever did:

I got one about six months ago. Use it for everything. I now know the temperature of my electric griddle surface, air coming out of the vents, wife’s ear, the wall, the couch, toilet water, cat’s butthole, and the thermostat. Wife rolls her eyes every time I use it.

Check out others’ response to his comment on Reddit.

*Update*: I ended up purchasing the better version of it, called Thermal Leak Detector. Check out the mini review here!


Using your mobile device, take command of real robotic Supercars on epic battlefields; imagine real life Mario Kart/Blur. [Youtube Intro]

All My Friends Are Dead

He did not enjoy this book. 4/7. Slightly recommended.

USB Clock Fan

When you overclock your PC case and needs more air cool.

Hypno LED Cube

I know you’ve been eyeing this awesome cube since that episode of Limitless.

Bug a Salt 2.0

This is a pump action shotgun that you fill with table salt so you can shoot flies without damaging your walls with lead buckshot. It also kills them without splattering bug guts all over like a fly swatter! Also it’s fun and harmless to people unless you aim for the eyes.

Portable Tow Truck

Brace yourself. You know what happened when the slightest of snow began to fall last year. Be the hero that rescue people from getting stuck on the road with this simple product. Charge them $5 per save and profit.
Get rich quick this winter!

Beard Head

Snow-tested and powder approved. Keep your face toasty warm and protected while you shred through fresh pow-pow this winter.


It is hilarious. I put one on my nephew. Everyone got him all kinds of crazy (and $$$) gifts but they still talk about the beard beanie.
It’s a novelty, but a darn good one. –SurgioClemente

I sold so many of these at the department store I use to work at! I would wear one around at times and people would actually buy one from just seeing me wear one! –Tucan72

I bought one of your first beard heads years ago for a close friend who typically sported a very similar real beard but was going through chemo that winter. Almost every time I saw him that winter, he was rocking it.
I know that most of your market is mostly just people looking to be a little goofy, but know that there are some that are a little more thankful. Keep it up! –chancegold

About BeardHead.

Hue Go Portable Lighting

Control 16 million colors and 50 thousand shades of white directly from your smart device. Up to 3 hours of use and rechargeable via USB port.
[Youtube Intro]

Sock Aid

How to improve laziness level to a whole different category. Also good for people with backpain.
[Youtube Intro]

UE ROLL 2 Waterproof Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Another nice and practical Kickstart product. The UE Roll is shaped like a Frisbee, weighs less than a can of soda but it comes with powerful, waterproof speakers for outdoor use. Attach it to your bike, kayak or girlfriend for music everywhere.

[Kickstart video]

Grammar Expletive Mug

The perfect gift for the angry grammar nerd in your life.

Fresh Water Non-Electric Bidet Attachment

Once you wash it off with a bidet, you don’t go back.

Jesus Soap

Washing away your sins !

ENKLOV DIY Security Kit

Check out our review with video. If you live in Floria, you NEED this. Here’s the reason.

Nessie Ladle

The only way to deliver the soup this holiday.

Money Maze Puzzle Box

It’s a gift box that contains a gift puzzle to unlock another gift inside while acting as a total gift itself.

Shoulder Lifting Dolly – Moving Straps

Handy device when you’re moving out with your SO, help your friend move out of his basement or carry his mama to McDonald. Up to 1,000lbs.

Waterproof 1200P Wifi Endoscope

Extremely useful little device that wirelessly live-streams video from hard to see area to your phone screen. Cable is 16-ft long and compatible with iOS, Android.

Though it has very high rating, after looking at some of the questionable reviews we started to contemplate whether folks really use this thing as how it is intended to…#brazzer.

Ultrasonic 360° Automatic Toothbrush

Can you believe that there are still people who’s brushing teeth with THEIR hand??!

Keychain “real” Gun

We’re dealing with the top-end of the budget here…but WHO WOULDN’T WANT a mini gun that can actually fire? All about self-defense.

Either the thief loses an eyeball for mugging you or you accidentally a testicle.

Bathroom Signs

Buy these and stick them anywhere.

Crib Dribbler Prank Box

Look no further for the best $10 Baby Shower gift ever made. Parents love it. Package includes 100 oz bottle that lasts all weekended and 40 oz bottle for one date night. Also comes with Kindex manufacturer’s coupon $4 OFF Infant Energy Drink.

Here’s another one for toddlers:

HYDRA Tech Bottle

  • BPA-free water bootle ✔
  • 5W Bluetooth Speaker ✔
  • 4000mAh Polymer Powerbank ✔
  • Built-in microphone for use as speaker phone ✔
  • Multicolor LED Light ✔
  • Flashing Red light for night cycling ✔
  • Night-time Sleeper App = ocean surf, summer rain, camping crickets or light street white noise ✔
  • FM Radio ✔

If a Hydra bottle is this cool, how do I sign up to be a Hydra agent??

10″ Blue Catfish Fish Plush

Be warned. You may love this thing more than you should! It also took one of our staffs.

4th Gen Electric Air Fryer

When you just can’t have enough McDonald Fries and need a mean to increase the current daily dose of blocked arteries goodness. At least this is a little more healthy.

Classic Xmas Train Set with Real Smoke

It really brightens up and boosts the xmas season by 1/2 HP.

Foldable Pocket Phone Stand (Multilevel)

It fits your wallet and can support an iPad, too.

Space Wonder Gyroscope

Legend says the master who could keep this spinning over his head for at least 3.14 minutes will unlock the kungfu ability to hold up against all type of conspiracies and Illuminati that fall upon him.

Waterless Car Wash & Wax

Check out CPG rinseless car wash tips. Very drought-friendly, such little water consumption!

Streamlight Protac Tactical Pocket LED Flashlight 2L

Insanely bright light with strobe setting to temporarily blind the attacker. Used in Police force.

Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Maker

I don’t know? Cuz at some point, after all life choices reconsidered, you need a personal cotton candy maker once in this lifetime.

Scalp Massager

Helps make lice uncomfortable.

OxyLED Eye-care Full Spectrum Desk Lamp

This is not your everyday LED Lamp. This is advanced LED Lamp.

Scary Peeping Tom

How to get shot.

Crazy Cat Lady

Buy. Post. Tell people to tag a friend they know like this. Now you know all the singles.

Rain Shower Head

512J9pnjt8LDon’t just shower naked outside in the rain, do it in the shower, too!

Aqua Notes for Shower Thoughts

Most world changing ideas come from the shower.

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