20 Most Ridiculous and WTF Moments of GTA V

I finished GTA V on console before it came out on PC (don’t hurt me and don’t call me peasant). The GTA is pretty much the only series I couldn’t wait for the release of PC Platform.

Now with the #PCMasterRace version is out in the wild, people just happen to do total crazy shit with it all over again. The amount of stupid accidents, incredible stunts and ridiculous mods justify perfectly every single reason to build a $1k computer that can play the game well. Anyway while you’re still downloading the game to your super PC using that questionable DSL connection, enjoy the the collection of GTA V gifs that I found on the net for your viewing pleasure.

1. Sorry, ma’am, I need your car. Don’t worry, you won’t get hurt….shit.!!

2. How we know GTA V on PC is going wild with mods…

3. This is the police mother f*cker!


4. No one can bully Jesus today!

5. This GTA V stunt…


6. How people reacts in a catastrophic event in GTA V


7. Tough day on the job for Franklin

8. You think police brutality in real life is bad? Try being an npc in GTA V

9. Three close calls under 10s


10. Forest Ranger in GTA V is looking for that big crime case that will score him a promotion

11. Ultra Badass Cop


12. That’s gotta hurt.

13. Lifetime Achievement : Catch a ghost using dildo

14. Hole on the wall stunt

15. When you bring a knife to a gun fight

16. The question is, DOES IT FLOAT ?

17. No time to explain, GET IN! …oh shit.

18. NPCs really cramp my style…

19. Death by your own car.

and lastly…the Michael Bay GTA V

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