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$800 / $1200 Hybrid Gaming HTPC Build

Couple months ago we built the $350 / $600 Custom Home Theater PC (HTPC) for family entertainment purposes. That little machine was a lovely media box with plenty of juice for HD playback and many modern 3D games. Some of us take advantage of the ...Read More

The Differences between All Corsair Power Supply Units

Most Corsair PSUs are produced by Seasonic, one of the best power supply manufacturers in the custom computer world. A lot of people underestimate the significance of having a quality-built power supply until that day some random power surge fries everything inside their chassis. ...Read More

$800 / $900 Custom Gaming PC Build

If you are an enthusiast PC Gamer, this custom configuration should be the very one and truly gaming rig you’d ever built; and better yet, the computer will definitely require a very reasonable budget. This system sharply aims for processing power as well as ...Read More