Fun Gadgets for Under $100 on Amazon

Check out these sweet, wallet-raping techy gadgets with the highest rating on Amazon which I have found exclusively just for you…and more importantly, usually less than $100!

Performance Tool 600W Air Blower

Nifty little electric air blower with 600W power, generating 75 MPH that’ll blow your chihuahua away. For just about $25.

55 Gallon barrel of Lubricant

Single men’s all time favorite !

Electrolux Upright Vacuum

The only vacuum cleaner that has a brush-roll cutter to easily remove hair that stuck in the bottom brush roll.

Handheld Water Filtration Straw

Filter 99% of bacteria up to 260+ gallons.

Wallet Survival Kit



Siphon Transfer Pump Kit

Use this to extract engine oil, transmission oil or coolant fluid from your vehicle. Much easier and cleaner than getting underneath the car.

ACTIVEON CX Action Camera

455286_865097_01_front_zoom (1)This is the best bang for the bucks action cam! Check out this video for quality sample.

Streamlight Protac Tactical Pocket LED Flashlight 2L

Insanely bright light with strobe setting to temporarily blind the attacker. Used in Police force.

Sphero 2.0

81fYc3eSaSL._SL1500_App Controlled Robotic Ball


Toroflux Kinetic Spring Flow Toy

71m1jQ2pcUL._SL1500_App Controlled Robotic Ball


BioLite Wood Burning / USB Charger



2. The Drone We’re Looking For

Hubsan X4 Crash Pack (Best Indoor)

H107-LEDHere is one of the best mini quadcopters of last year. It flies stable, durable and takes crashes well enough. On other hand, Hubsan’s price is also very reasonable, parts are plenty and many cool mods are coming very often in the r/c drone community.

The quadcopter has a crash pack edition, means it comes with many extra parts in case you destroy your quadcopter in the first flight. For less than $20, you can’t miss the Hubsan X4. If you got extra to spend, $55 buys you the version with camera. It doesn’t protect the toy from tree, or ceiling though.


KiiToys® Nano Quadcopter (Smallest)

71bzpYsq4CL._SL1500_For nearly half the size of the Hubsan X4, this is one of the tiniest quadcopters you can get for $25. The battery lasts you for up to 10 minutes of fly time which is enough to do all the damages in the house. But don’t worry, after a few incidents it’ll only get slightly better.

However don’t judge the drone by its cover, this is the easiest and most fun quadcopter to fly indoor. Due to its small size, you wouldn’t crash into people and furniture too often. That means the Nano Quadcopter is the perfect choice for beginners, kids and girlfriends alike.


Syma X5C with Camera (Best Outdoor)

bannerThe X5C is a lot bigger than Hubsan X4 and obviously best for outdoor flight. I totally dig the lean and mean design of this quadcopter over others in the same price range. Feels like something Frieza would ride. Plus you get a HD camera that can capture both video (720p 30fps) and photo using the assigned buttons from the controller.

Now even though flying the X5C is fairly easy, it can be quite fast at a time so you gotta be extra careful with this $70 bad boy. Also, check out this youtube video.

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