Download Volkswagen Eos Repair Manual for 2006-2015 Models

This is the Elsa Win workshop manual for all Volkswagen Eos models from 2006 to 2014. This repair guide is exclusively provided for the members of Volkswagen Eos Owners group.

The 2015 and Final Edition is not available but they are essentially similar to 2014 model, which can be substituted for repair guidance.


Else Win software is only compatible with WinXP/2000 hence it has been embedded into a virtual machine to be able to run on modern OS (Win 7/8/10/11). It is recommended to use JDownloader to obtain all the packages and avoid file corruption due to their large size.

I – Download and install VMware Player. Restart your computer when done.

II – Visit Volkswagen Eos facebook group to obtain decryption key and ElsaWin login credential.

III – (FREE) Download ElsaWin Volkswagen Eos Repair Guide from Then unzip using the passcode VWeos.Owners. The complete package size is 9.36GB, consists of 20 files. The free account from has a 1TB/mo transfer bandwidth limitation, which should be an equivalent of 100 full downloads per month. You may have to try again the following month if the bandwidth limit is reached.
III – (PAID) If the links above are dead, I have you know that it is the 5th time I have reuploaded them and some bots just report to have them removed. I’m considering put this 9GB package on my own host and charge $5 for download to help pay for the bandwidth. If a lot of people want this, I’ll go with this plan. Leave a comment and let me know please.

2. Instructions

1- Once ElsaWin is downloaded, extract the package to a new folder. Go to Start Menu and fire up VMware Player > Open a Virtual Machine

2- Click on VM Manual. Once logged in, the interface will be changed to English.

3- Click Workshop Repair Guide.

4- Pick your Eos model and year.

5- Select the component you’d like to learn how to repair.

6- Also don’t forget to check out the Roof Seal treatment guide if you haven’t done so already!

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