Mobile Legends: Hero Counters Guide to stop Severe Feedings.

If your end game is achieving Mythical Glory by any means, one of the prices you have to pay is to learn how to draft-pick efficiently –starting from Epic rank.

Being able to strategically pick a handsome hero who can effectively neutralize the enemy metas, could increase the chance of your team winning by as much as 51% and a surge in cute ML waifu followers by a whole 0.2%!

You don’t really have to be the fastest hand or a 10-year veteran moba player in order to climb to the top in Mobile Legends. An adaptable player who can dynamically adjust and effectively perform your role under unfavorable circumstances will magically set you apart from everyone else who’s still hard stuck in the epic swamp.

Though soon you will realize the #1 public enemy isn’t your opponents, but it is the unfair match making system. However that is the topic for another day when I feel slightly more toxic.

Speaking of swamp let me quickly introduce myself so you can study this guide with confidence, knowing that you are in the good holy hands; and at the end you will gain at least 5% more win-rate for this season (before any lag discount, afk coupon or feeders and trolls flash sale).

So like any fallen princes of the abyss I was born and molded in epic swarm, reached pubescent over Legend hell and successfully signed off my soul to the Mythic devil. I was No.2 Local AFK and Top Global Feeder with a humble winrate of 6.7% and a record-high of 44 lose streak just last season.

After I wrote this guide, I instantly hit 11.6% winrate and achieved 2-game winstreak without screaming other allies “nubs no help”. In fact, I even “Well played (All)” for the first time ever. Best start of the season I have ever had I’d say. But I’m still unable to secure No.1 Local AFK at the moment because the other ML guy up the Appalachian mountain has much worse internet connection. If you ever come across my solo livestream you will be able to know who I am, based on the highest death count.

Now without further ados, let’s find out how to draft and how to counter-pick so you can show dominance and delete enemies in every battle every time.

Forbidden infographic to help you choose a Tank wisely and professionally.
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Mobile Legends Bang Bang – Hero List




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Hero Counter Chart (Most Picked)

Hero | Role

Countered By

Cecilion (Mage)
“Great results, can be achieved with small forces.”
As one of the strongest members of the Blood Demons, Cecilion loves to perform Opera in public circa 1900’s. Strange, but classy demon thing to do when you practically live forever and have nothing else to do. And that also does not stop him from being totally OP til this day. Cecilion’s burst damage could take down reckless squishy and nearby enemies from early game to late battles without missing a high note –provided that you learn to manage his mana consumption effectively (let it cools down after 3 stacks).

In order to counter Cecilion successfully, one must be able to get close and CC or take him out as quickly as possible. Guinevere, Chou, Saber are the great choices to disable Cecilion. Gusion, Selena are perfect mages to finish Cecilion before he can wreck havoc to the team. A fast-hand Wanwan can close the gap before Cec could do any substantial damage (but she’s no match for HP Balls, video below).

One of the most preferred pick against Cecilion is a Helcurt with Petrify spell, he could end both Cecilion’s singing career and dominance in an auto-tuned laugh hit dubbed the “Tremble”.

  • Lolita’s shield was supposed to stop Cecilion burst AoE but surprisingly it does little to minimize the damage.
  • On the other hand, Gatotkaca or Johnson are two great tanks to make Cecilion have a second thought before he approaches allied teammates. Chang’e with her fully loaded machine gun can deny Cecilion’s incoming effortlessly.
  • Other acceptable but risky options: Franco (s1), Balmond the Blender, Carmilla (s2) , Angela (s2) and Nana (s2). Most heroes from the Assassin roster can handle Cecilion with ease, that includes Lesley.

Harith (Mage)
“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”
Pre-nerf cat boy was once a nightmare to everyone. He’s still very OP now under good hands, but he’s also a lot more manageable if the opponents lined up with proper counters.

Harith’s power depends on his ability to dash on his ulti sword in order to spam magic attacks and shield regen from enemies around, but Minsitthar’s ulti can stop him dead in the water. No dashing means he can’t execute any combos. Khufra S2 also prevents him on jumping around and Kaja can pull him away from his ulti area. Esmeralda on the other hand is the direct head-on counter to Harith, she penetrates through his shield and sends him straight home to Nana.

  • Other acceptable options: Aurora, Nana, Chou, Helcurt –in which Helcurt can silence and render Harith useless if he gets too close. A very good Akai can time his ulti to tornado Harith about a mile from where his ulti sword landed.
Esmeralda (Mage)
“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.”
The #1 in the ban list. She’s banned too often that when she’s surprisingly not banned, epic players suddenly panic and give her to the dude who got “Match (6) winrate 44%”, out of desperation.

Many inexperienced Esmeralda loves to jump in the circle where 3 of the enemies got hard CC and get herself evaporated in 2 milliseconds later. Which means Aurora can freeze and burst Esmeralda while at the same time gives teammates the golden opportunity to take this OP hero down easily. Another choice is Baxia where his passive effectively reduces Esmeralda’s shield regen rate and turns her into an adorable squishy plushy.

  • Other acceptable options: Aurora, Nana, Chou, Helcurt or someone with Necklace of Durance / Sea Halbert which can prohibit her shield regeneration. Rubae is viable with her S2 CC and S3 Hook, but without the damage output to finish Esmeralda off immediately, she might allow Esmeralda the opportunity to regen and turn the tide.
  • Low key counter: Estes/Rafaela with revitalize can prolong the survival of your team during her burst and Rafaela S3 can even punish her if Esmeralda decides turret diving. An Esmeralda with no kills will fall off mid-game quickly as soon as allied MM is starting to get online.

Gusion (Mage)
“The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”
There is not many mage who can dominate early game as fast as Gusion. The assassin mage is famous for his difficulty to master, yet rewarding if done so –especially for folks who life is in the solo queue army.

A pro Gusion can chase his victim two turrets away and later disappears safely into the bush. To stop his S1 chase and S3 blink/dash you will need a Khufra in the team, his S2 knocks Gusion off everyday and breaks any combo Gusion has in mind. Minsitthar is also another viable option but his S3 might not always available on time to save allied Attack Damage Carry hero. A good mage such as Aurora or Eudora could potentially stunt Gusion and burst him before he finishes the combo or tries to retreat.

  • Other acceptable options: Ruby, Silvanna and Chou are perfect hero to cement Gusion within allied turret, if he ever made the decision of diving for kills.
  • Low key counter: Most Gusion can go in and out of the battle quickly which results in less death, Ling can chase and remove a low health Gusion from the battlefield when other allies can’t catch him.
Valir (Mage)
“When strong, avoid them. If of high morale, depress them. Seem humble to fill them with conceit. If at ease, exhaust them. If united, separate them. Attack their weaknesses. Emerge to their surprise.”
The newly revamped Valir is anything but weak. In fact the fire bender was too OP that Moonton had to immediately nerf him right after. Though his damage base has now decreased, Valir’s skill set comes with many stunts and CC which poises extreme danger on any weak enemies who loves to wander around. Don’t mess with prince Yuko.

Franco and Khufra both possesses valuable kit that allows them to separate Valir from his team and gives allies a chance to eliminate him from the battlefield. Though a stealthy Aurora or Eudora can also do a clean job of controlling his havoc but these mages are also very vulnerable to Valir’s damage output, hence it’s better to leave the job for Harley, Helcurt, Hayabusha and Ling who have more mobility.

  • Other acceptable options: Grock S1 allows him to spear through Valir’s CC push and stunt. Then by keeping Valir away from the allied ADC early game and denies him any easy kills, that will greatly increase the chance Valir falls off mid-game. Granger and Wanwan are two excellent marksmen who can safely kite and force Valir to recall or gets defeated.
  • Low key counter: A tactical Pharsa after recent revamp, can execute some tactical bombing on Valir’s HP pool to half life before he realizes what’s happening.

Aurora (Mage)
“Do not engage an enemy more powerful than you. And if it is unavoidable and you do have to engage, then make sure you engage it on your terms, not on your enemy’s terms.”
Aurora, Queen of the North, Descendant of Elsa, Mother of Olafs, the Pain Bringer, the Sanitizer, should rarely show herself out in any potential danger. Life Mantra: Conceal, don’t feel. In fact, enemies often die before they even know where the attack comes from most of the times. Clean up to 99.9% of squishies under 3s.

A smart Nana should leave her Molina in advantage point where Aurora might try to camp for kill, and in case of being caught, Nana’s passive can save her from Aurora. Valir can also deny her approach efficiently.

Franco and Kaja can easily catch and suppress Aurora since her movement speed is often the lowest. Last but not least, Diggie’s ultimate is essentially life-saving for everyone who got frozen by Aurora’s passive. By be able to releasing themselves from her CC, your allies have great chance to avoid Aurora’s S3 burst and live to tell the tales.

  • Other acceptable options: Chou S2 if timed right could immune to Aurora’s freeze. Natalia, Hayabusha, Ling, Fanny or Harley stands a great chance of getting close to Aurora to disable her. But there are also cases where these assassins got CC’ed right in the face within enemy’s turret and immediately retired in peace.
  • Low key counter: Lesley out ranges Aurora and she can poke Aurora consistently, the more you keep her back to base and out of the battlefield, the less effective Aurora can be. Lesley’s S2 could also help her get out of Aurora’s S3 quickly. Lesley’s ultimate can spot Aurora way before she could even make a move.
Kagura (Mage)
“To gain mastery you must unite the qualities of spirit, strength, technique and the ability to take the initiative.”
Kagura (aka the onmyouji babe of MLBB) is probably one of the most underrated Mages in the current meta list, because everyone always think Esmeralda is more thicc. Kagura requires a much higher skill cap and practices from the player to be able to master her umbrella techniques precisely. Kagura skills can poke, stun, slow, purify, absorb, dash and most importantly they come with a whole lot of damage. She is very much like a female-version of Gusion but with a more versatile kit.

Khufra can block her escape route with his S2, followed by S1 and S3 which should be more than enough to break her combo. Helcurt and Aurora have good stun and burst damage to finish Kagura quickly enough, however it must be done when she does not have the umbrella in her hand or else she will be able to purify and walk away with an extra shield like a fine spirits boss she is.

  • Other acceptable options: Franco, Kaja or Chou can often suppress Kagura long enough for the allies to earn the kill. Lancelot with his evasiveness allows him to get close to Kagura quickly while at the same time avoid her umbrella with ease. Natalia is a more challenging pick, but a well-farmed Natalia will be a nightmare to Kagura. Gusion is also another effective counter to Kagura due to his mobility and extreme burst.

Hero | Role

Countered By

Yu Zhong (Fighter)
“Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.”

Yu Zhong’s wraith is a nightmare for glass cannon ADC and Mages even when he’s slightly behind in farming. The dragon form can stick to enemies like glue and his passive causes sad HP percentage damage while giving him happy lifesteal in return. That certainly is a stuff in Mobile Legends horror stories.

However as Christopher Columbus once said, “thick banana peel, one day will meet a sharp nail”, there are heroes out there that slay the dragon slayer’s slayer.

The best way to counter Yu Zhong is to prevent him from be able to stack up his passive in close combat, aka the Sha essence. When he successfully actives them, they cause massive damage based on opponent’s HP loss. That means once your HP falls under 50%, the damage of each Sha will become more detrimental along with his S1 and S2.

  • Karrie and Wanwan are two absolutely agile markmen who can kite and deal consistent damage to Yu Zhong, while on other hand they both can also make an escape safely if things turn sour. Slightly more risky choices are Granger, YSS and Moskov.
  • Baxia as tank or player who knows to build Necklace of Durance/Sea Halbert in early game can effectively counter Yu Zhong’s lifesteal, thus rendering him less of a threat than he could really be. Baxia is a perfect counter because his S1 can temporarily stunt Yu Zhong while S2 slows Yu Zhong’s movement speed –which makes it harder for him to chase your allies. On top of that, Baxia passive turns Yu Zhong into a cute fuzzy worm who’s suffering from anorexia.
  • Another great tank against Yu Zhong is Khufra. Khufra’s kit blocks Yu Zhong’s dash as well as slows/CC him long enough to give teammates a chance to make it home or simply counter ganking.
  • Other acceptable choices are Valir (Push back + Hard CC), Aurora (Hard CC + Burst), recent revamped Eudora (that 1 billion Volts thunder) and Cyclop (Immobilization + high damage output) –but you have to be very careful playing these mages. If a slightly fed Yu Zhong gets to you, it might be the end game.
  • Low key counter: Estes and Rafaela. The holy elf can keep the team alive hopefully long enough to allow Yu Zhong to fully process all his life choices which consequently led him to the point where every skill is in cooldown and he’s stuck between turrets from overextending in Dragon form.

Silvanna (Fighter)
“Sweat more during peace: bleed less during war.”
Silvanna is the beautiful princess of Moniyan –a waifu in many folks’ dream– but she has trained herself to be one of the most fearless woman fighters in the history, along side of Kimmy, Fanny, Elsa and Mulan.

The Moniyan heroines stand against evils from the abyss, but what Silvanna alone also seeks is a chance to save her lost brother –Dyrroth. Now while Fanny fully relies on Physical attack and Kimmy is a Hybrid markswoman, Silvanna is on the other end of the harmonic scale where her attacks delivers magical damage.

Her S1 comes in two phases which one of them provides a long range one-second complete stun to the enemy followed by a jump chase –and that could make a big difference in team fight. On top of that her S2 and Ultimate are extremely helpful because they can prevent opponents who love to to use blink skills from making an escape after their combo. S2 can even stop Aldous’ mid-fly. As they are trapped for 3.5s in the Circle of Light to pray for all their sins and karma which probably seems like an eternity in MLBB, most of assassins, mages and marksmen will not make it out again if Silvanna’s team is well-coordinated.

During her S3 if Silvanna stays within the circle she gets 100% boost in magic life steal and attack speed; which means a counter hero who got trapped but still can quickly remove her from this area or hard CC her, will absolutely earn a good chance of fending off Silvanna. Those are Zilong (Spear Flip), Valir (Searing Torrent+CC), Helcurt (Passive Silence) and Franco (Brutal Massacre).

  • Other acceptable options: One of a great tanks who can turn enemy Silvanna’s Ultimate to his team’s advantage is Tigreal. Enemy team tend to gather their moves on the trapped opponent, Silvanna included, and that provides opportunity for Tigreal executing successful S2 and S3 for a 5-man AoE wipeout.
  • Low key counter: Nana’s Molina, Diggie. Hylos is also a viable choice to apply the brake to Silvanna’s boosted Lifesteal and Attackspeed.

X-Borg (Fighter)
“Convince your enemy that he will gain very little by attacking you; this will diminish his enthusiasm.”
Just like many other Most Effective Tactics Available heroes, X-Borg always finds himself somewhere between allies and enemies’ ban list.

His S1 can deal massive true damage to anyone, S2 causes a soft CC pull and Ultimate can even instantly kill a 1/2 HP tank while providing immunity. But what makes X-Borg really viable is his ability to dodge all attacks once his armor breaks, which allows him a quick escape route when things get heated. In short, it’s difficult to slay him.

A Chang’e with Ice Queen Wand stands a high probability to end X-Borg using her Ultimate. A fast Gusion can follow up right after X-Borg’s armor got destroyed and earn the kill. Chou with his three core items can perform hard CCs as well as having the necessary damage to kick X-Borg off the map.

  • Other acceptable options: Kagura’s persistent damage and mobility can slow and slay X-Borg before he has the chance to escape or regenerate.
  • Low key counter: Angela using S1 + S2 while ulti on another hero can prevent X-Borg from running away and also contribute additional damage that very likely helps the secure the kill. An opportunistic Diggie S2 might be able to catch X-Borg during his armorless state which is what the team might really need.

Guinevere (Fighter)
“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”
The pretty dancing queen, after several damage nerfs, now seems to be one of the balanced heroes in Mobile Legends.

The S2 jumps and knocks up is essentially Guinevere’s bread and butter so if she missed it, anyone could run away from her follow-up ultimate with ease.

However, she still spreads fear and dominance in epic rank given the opportunity. To remedy her wraith, Diggie’s ulti once again provides significant life-saving purification for the team if they ever got stuck in Guinevere’s combo. Ruby is another excellent choice because her short cool-down S2 when timed right can CC and cancel Guinevere’s combo during the jump-in phase every time. In other words, there is a delay when Guinevere lands, a fast hand can even flicker out before she can execute the next phase which is knocking up the poor soul.

You can also pick Khufra to neutralize her S2 in ball form, or Helcurt because he silences her whenever she jumps in without having to do anything. In my opinion, Helcurt is the hard-counter to Guinevere any day.

  • Other acceptable options: Chou, Aurora. Miya’s ultimate can help her escape Guinevere’s combo, but if Miya is too far behind in gold and level she will get slain faster than she could make it out of the damage area.

Aldous (Fighter)
“Let your plans be dark and as impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
Aldous with 300 stacks can go roaming around wrecking havoc to your ADCs, let alone one with 500 stacks. However in order to get to that amount of stacks, Aldous has to farm a lot and it’s best to choose hero who can keep poking him and halting his plan. One of the prime candidates is Nana and her Molina.

Nana’s boomerang can send Aldous out of the battlefield after sufficient harassment, her Molina can prevent Aldous from last-hitting minions to gain stacks or transforms him when he lands his ultimate. Nana’s passive could also later save her from Aldous’s revenge. Similar strategy could be used for Lylia and her Gloom, especially Lylia’s ultimate could give her another chance to fight after Aldous S3.

Another great laner to inhibit Aldous’s dominance is Zhask. The supreme lane pushing ability of a Zhask outperforms Aldous’s defend any day. And if Aldous wants to throw an ultimate, Zhask can quickly hop inside his spawn and camp it out for a few days. Better yet, he could just slay Aldous while at it.

  • Other acceptable options: Chou, Ruby, Franco, Akai. Akai can quickly shoo Aldous away from dying allies while Ruby, Chou or Franco can hard CC him for team mates to make the necessary moves. You will be surprise how many times in the history, an Aldous tried to ultimate on Chou who was under a turret, only ended up being FedEx’ed to the nearest reincarnation queue.
  • Low key counter: Both Aldous and any marksman often shine in late game, that means one team has to babysit and hope for their own MM getting stronger, then only to potentially get destroyed by Aldous later; while enemy MM can then push without breaking a sweat. A confident team might decide not to have marksman at all to counter Aldous. If that is the case, they will choose to end the game as quickly as possible, before both enemy marksman and their Aldous get the upper-hand.
    Also, Silvanna S3 can trap Aldous while he’s flying or keep him prisoner when he lands and that probably saves a ton of lives.
  • Gear counter: Twilight Armor (Physical damage does not exceed 900) or Wind of Nature (MM get immunity to Physical damage for 2s).

Chou (Fighter)
“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”
Chou is one of the hardest heroes to master and be excellent with. His kit allows Chou to narrate the battle in way the water flows, he can be in shape of a tank, a fighter or an assassin.

He can make his way out of danger via S2 and S1 combo, leaving the desperate chaser biting the dust. A chou with 1/10th of the HP bar can still turn things around and earn a Maniac if enemies suddenly got overconfident. Fragile mage or marksman fears his existence because Chou’s stun breaks their combo and his flying kick delivered to the nearest ball hurts a lot.

Minsitthar and Diggie are two best counters to Chou whereas Minsitthar S3 can prevent Chou S1 and S2 very effectively, while Diggie brings instant escape to teammate who got tagged by Chou and was about to lose the other ball.

Khufra and Ruby are two other great choices, especially Ruby whose kit is very similar to Chou and her lifesteal ability most likely allows her to make a successful comeback after Chou S3.

Nevertheless, you still have to be very careful playing against a pro Chou even with the perfect counter pick. Because the man who can beat him, hasn’t been born yet.

Masha (Fighter)
“Speed is the essence of war. Take advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness; travel by unexpected routes and strike him where he has taken no precautions.”
If anything Masha loves more than destroying all the enemy turrets, it’s Turtles and Lords. This split lane pusher can give her opponents the sweetest smell and taste of getting close to victory, then suddenly their base explodes or a Lord was slain.

However just like Hayabusha, Masha’s ability to push fast is also her great weakness. During her absence, most team fights will occur 4v5, meaning there is a chance of snowball from the enemies without anymore opportunity for comeback. Masha needs full trust from her well-coordinated team mates to get the objectives down successfully.

Now to manage Masha, you need a competent lane pusher such as Zhask, Hayabusha, Ling or a good map-awareness Fighter preferably with Arrival spell (Chou, Ruby). Despite her 3 HP bars, Masha can be burst down quite easily by Lunox, Kagura or Guinevere once she got CC’ed. A fast Fanny or Gusion can also delete Masha from the map as she tries to make for an escape. If none of your comrade has Arrival spell to control Masha, Johnson or Baxia can actually get to where she is fast enough to remedy the situation.

Rubae (Fighter)
“Crying wolf may have been the boy’s undoing, but the true irony was that the wolves were always lurking nearby.”
Ruby is well known as the Queen of Lifesteal. Her passive increases lifesteal effect from equipments by 20%, makes her sustainability likely outlast everyone else on the team. All Ruby’s skills have some kind of CC –varied from slow down to full stun to the ow wooo ultimate that instantly collects all enemies in its range into one convenient spot, ready for food processing.

Ruby fits in most team composition, just like Chou, but she isn’t often picked as much as Chou due to the lack of escaping skill. However, Ruby in a good hand with well-executed flicker-hook could mean the end game for enemies in many cases. To control this wild hero, it’s most effective to prevent her from dashing about after each skill. Those who can do that are Minsitthar and Khufra. However, Khufra player and his duo has to be cautious when approaching her, Ruby loves to AoE multiple enemies to gain lifesteal. The whole team could waste all their ultimates on her but just under a few splashes she will be as good as new again. The key to get Ruby is kiting and burst damage.

  • Other acceptable options: Franco, Kaja are also good choices. Ruby must be CC’ed long enough and get finished off as quickly as possible. Else if she has a chance to kickoff her lifesteal bloodbath, it will be a very long long fight often ends in her favor. Long-range ADCs such as Granger, Aurora, Eudora, Lunox, Valir, Gord can also get the job done but they have to do it faster than Ruby can catch up to them, she can neutralize most attacks with her S2. A Ruby who builds double true damage from equipment can end anyone’s career very fast without giving them a chance to run or defend due to constant stuns and slows.
  • Baxia’s passive does not work against Ruby’s passive (This bug has been fixed, it works now –Baxia is a very viable choice against Ruby, he makes Ruby become a squishy doll).

Hero | Role

Countered By

Kimmy (Marksman)
“Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?”
The most feared marksman in the Land of Dawn since her first release. Since then, nerfs after nerfs have brought Kimmy down the ranking ladder like no others before. She is still an insanely annoying mage/marksman depends on the hands of the player, but today Kimmy is very squishy.

Chou/Helcurt can give Kimmy a hard time farming, Aurora can show Kimmy how to build a snowman somewhere else very fast, Gusion/Ling or Hayabusha won’t allow her a chance to run away. Most recently, Baxia can sit Kimmy down and explain to her that her pewpew feels like bubble gun to him.

  • Other acceptable options: Selena’s CC usually means the death sentence 9 out of 10 times to Kimmy. Lolita is another great tank against Kimmy thanks to her shield that can protect allied glass cannon against enemy’s glass cannon and a low cool-down stun on top of long CC ultimate.
  • Lesley, Granger, WanWan can poke Kimmy to no end if play from a safe distance since Kimmy normal attack range is the smallest.
  • Low key counter: Hylos, Belerick, Uranus are one of the few tanks who aren’t really afraid of Kimmy. The forgotten assassin Saber can also give Kimmy a surprise death, but just like Zilong, they are difficult heroes in today meta.
Granger (Marksman)
“Nothing is more difficult than the art of maneuvering for advantageous positions.”
Granger is one of the top most picked MMs this season. His mobility, high crit, fast farming are extremely valuable to team composition that enjoys early snowball. Unlike traditional marksman who takes time to get online, Granger can actually apply a lot of pressure from the start, yet he still stands a good chance to escape if enemy ganks back. He’s on par with Kimmy in the right hands.

Khufra and Lolita are two great tanks to counter Granger. Lolita’s shield can effectively block Granger’s ultimate blast, by doing that she saves the whole team from potential wipeout in late game. Khufra on the other hand is able to prevent Granger from dashing away and interrupt his skills with ease.

  • Other acceptable options: Minsitthar can pull Granger from afar and traps him inside the ulti, followed by an immediate stun of S2. That provides plenty of opportunity for allies to remove Granger from the battlefield. Eudora, Aurora, Harley provides burst damage that is also useful in taking out this fierce ADC. Granger cannot aim at Fanny and Ling fast enough with his skills and his S2 dash isn’t as mobility as these two assassins.
Claude (Marksman)
“One defends when his strength is inadequate, he attacks when it is abundant”
Here comes the most handsome marksman in the Bang Bang world. Claude and his beautiful money are two most OP duo in the history of dangerous duo, besides Masha and Lord. Claude’s ultimate with just two or three core items can easily melt a full HP tank in seconds, along with two other unfortunate souls nearby. The key to a good Claude is to maintain his S1 under max stack at all times before a clash, which isn’t an easy feat for new player.

Belerick is an unique adorable tank who can teach Claude a lesson or two about reflect damage. A Belerick with Revitalize spell and Blade Armor will auto-melt a Claude before he realizes he’s digging a hole for himself. Other tank who can seemingly fight against Claude is Lolita with her shield and Blade Armor gear, but her ultimate just isn’t always available only for Claude.

In recent patch, Hylos who’s equipped with Blade Armor and Revitalize spell can also go head on with Claude and most likely come out alive since Hylos has a high HP pool, decent stun in his S1 and a Attack-speed reduction effect in S2 –which all spells big trouble for Claude.

Last but not least, Baxia’s passive can negate Claude’s lifesteal from Demon Hunter Sword and he’s also one of the tankiest heroes against attack-speed based marksman.

  • Other acceptable options: Eudora, Aurora are mages who can quickly burst Claude’s HP to insufficiency faster than any harm he may cause. Hayabusha or Harley is also a good pick as long as he is ahead of Claude in both gold and level. Gatotkaca is an alternative choice for tank to go against Claude due to his tankiness and the unique S2 that can reflects huge damage back to the damage dealer.

Hero | Role

Countered By

Estes (Support) Rafaela (Support)

“It is more important to out-think your enemy, than to outfight him.”

When enemies mistakenly underestimate your healer, it’s about time they learn the grave difference of having a support hero in a team.

Rafaela and Estes are the two most proficient healing heroes in Mobile Legends and their kit can prolong team’s survival or even change the final outcome of a disadvantage clash between allies and opponents. On top of healing ability, Estes’ S2 can slow enemies to a crawl and Rafaela auto-target S1 can both slow/reveal/peel enemies’ HP consistently. Rafaela’s S3 if lands correctly could possibly help allies secure couple kills, or help low HP teammates make a successful escape from enemies.

Support roles are the back line of the fight, thus assassin such as Ling, Hayabusha, Helcurt, Harley who could surprise their way across and remove other team’s support will quickly cripple the enemies’ formation.

Baxia’s passive is simply another hot knife to any healer’s butter, it reduces regeneration effect by 30% to any nearby enemies whenever team fights occur. And if stacked with Necklace of Durance, Baxia will almost always render any healing completely ineffective.

If your team don’t have anyone who can play Baxia, you could hope someone would play Luo Yi. This new support-role Mage is a nightmare in higher rank, but also a very efficient counter to Estes or Rafaela anywhere. The enemies usually group up closer to the healer for HP regen. That will be their epic downfall due to Luo Yi’s Yin and Yang CC combo. She creates opportunity, a short window, for a successful AoE wipe that your team might be long for. By grouping enemies together in a small area, it allows allies to take out the healer as fast as possible (often very squishy). That leaves your team with a much more easier battle to win.

  • Other acceptable options: Franco, Lunox. Mages with high burst such as Aurora, Gusion, Pharsa and Eudora could take down the healer along with other fragile heroes in a single combo, which may not allow enough time for Rafaela or Estes to rescue the injured allies.
  • Must-have counter gear: Neck of Durance for Mage, Fight Mage or Tank Mage. Sea Halbert for Fighter, Marksman. Both of these items have HP regen reduction effect.

Hero | Role

Countered By

Grock (Tank)
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”
Everyone above Epic division knows that Grock is basically an Assassin disguised as an Tank. Fortunately and unfortunately, he met with the nerf hammer recently. Grock deals slightly little less damage now, though people will still have to run away when he’s charging or they sure will suffer.

It’s highly difficult to CC an experienced Grock player, hence dealing with him early game requires kiting and constant damage output. Those who can really do that are Kimmy, Lylia, Zhask and X-Borg. Since he always has to be in the front line to lead way for his trio or duo during a jungle invasion, the sooner he gets poked and needs to return base the less effective the opponent’s domination plan plays out. With the exception of Kimmy who is the most squishy, Lylia, Zhask or X-Borg all have their way to lessen or avoid Grock final blow and live to fight another day.

  • Other acceptable options: Chang’e ultimate with Scorch and Ice Queen Wand will be an imminent threat to Grock. Mid-game Karrie and Claude will also give him a very hard time defending for his team.
  • Low key counter: After recent buffs, Hylos is one of the rare tanks who can fight against Grock and comes out a draw, or a winner even. Hylos’s S2 Ring of Punishment is a proper counter move to any Grock who loves to charge forward, his S1 with stun then can be used once Grock S2 is under cooldown. Hylos’s ulti also provides a quick escape for allies when Grock attempts to finish off his low HP opponents.

Khufra (Ball)
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Ability effect is very versatile. Khufra S1 can give enemies who’s wandering around bushes a good ol’ mini heart attack, while his S2 prevents them from executing dashing/blink skills or escaping. A Khufra who can S3 all five enemies to his spawn base, have completed Mobile Legends. Meanwhile, any Granger, Gusion, Harith, Fanny or Karrie who got caught in his S2 and can’t dash away while Khufra’s backup is right behind, will be forever remembered.

To counter this tyrant, you need to separate him from his team since he’s not as tanky as other tanks. New Khufra enjoys jumping into group of enemies without thinking of the consequences. Hence Aurora or Franco can keep him immobilized monetarily, or even further distance him from his team and buy time for allies to finish off. Little Lylia can also do massive damage to him and has her ultimate to spare when things get complicated. Nana is another choice to successfully interrupt Khufra and ruin enemies’ positioning.

  • Other acceptable options: Valir can easily deny the existence of Khufra by pushing him further away then followed by CC, giving allies a safe perimeter to execute attacks. X-borg can constantly apply pressure with S1+S2 and that should make any Khufra has to second thought before committing S1.

Minotaur (Tank)
“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
Just like the stork who saved Dumbo, Diggie is pretty much the only bird who could save its allies from a fateful feed to Minotaur’s S3.

Another option to increase the winning chance is having Wanwan as a marksman due to her S2 is able to purify, plus her dashing ability allows a safe escape from Mino and his team. Now the bad news for Minotaur and good news for everyone else is his ultimate can be interrupted with hard CC, such as Chou’s or Franco’s.

Though his S3 can turn the match around in a few seconds, Minotaur is slowly falling off the meta due to several nerfs to his HP, skill cooldown and defense points. He is quite weak to high burst mages early game and won’t stand much chance against a farmed MM late game. Enemies also often avoid clash when they noticed Mino is in full rage which renders him inefficient.

Franco (Tank)
“And therefore those skilled in war bring the enemy to the field of battle and are not brought there by him.”

Franco has been long a thing only in nightmare to innocuous squishies who just wants to farm and peacefully roam the land of dawn to enjoy hot springs and butterflies in the bush.

Experienced Franco can hook enemy from impossible position and distance, such as flying Fanny and Ling. He can help his team dominate the battlefield very quickly. After a few successful early hook, the presence of Franco in a lane could give enemy a BPM pressure so low that they feel like they need to recall immediately for medical blood transplant.

Despite his useful kit that has great CCs, Franco isn’t as tanky as he looks –on top of that he has no escape/speed up skill like Grock, Hylos, Mino or Belerick. Hence if he somehow got too far from the team he might not be able to save himself from just a duo gank. Late game only increases the risk even further due to his low scaling in defense and HP, Franco is not going to last very long in full clash. That means to counter Franco in a classic match, you just need another Franco in your team to hook the other Franco’s hook precisely at the same time and they’ll become Francoto via some sort of Metamoran Fusion.

Just kidding. One tank who can successfully dismiss Franco’s hook is Lolita. However, that requires very good skill level of the Lolita player in which she needs to be there in the right place, at the right time.

Diggie, Chou and Wanwan all can purify Franco’s hook with their S2. However, keep in mind that Franco’s ultimate is a suppress and not a stun, hence it cannot be canceled in any way. Another good picks who stand a chance surviving Franco’s hook are X-borg and Nana.

Hero | Role

Countered By

Ling (Assassin)
“Move swift as the Wind and closely-formed as the Wood. Attack like the Fire and be still as the Mountain.”

As Moonton’s 2019 only assassin release, Ling is one of the most feared shadow killers to date. His mobility is unmatched even by Fanny standards, his jungle hunt is just as swift, his escape ability is way kungfu level and his high crit damage output means the death sentence to any under-farmed marksman. Towards late game, most Lings could have already secured 10+ kills and he will quickly cross any ADC and squishies off the list as soon as they came alive.

There is no need to build a team around Ling to counter him, but it’s best to have a couple versatile heroes who can handle him efficiently to avoid the above situation. Franco, Chou, Silvanna and Ruby are extremely helpful when Ling tries to make a move, their CC gives time for allies to react accordingly. Khufra is also a decent pick, his S1/S2 blocks Ling’s attempt to jump back on a wall and along with S3 will keep Ling around for awhile –this is when allies should realize Ling is a glass cannon and must take action immediately.

  • Low key counters: Rafaela S1 can both reveal Ling while he’s on the wall and slows him down during his escape, her S3 when timed right could delay Ling’s ultimate and lead to a winning outcome for her team. Lesley and Kimmy are risky picks but since Ling is to counter them. However as an assassin herself, Lesley can deal massive damage to Ling from a safe distance plus her S3 when performed in full will knock him off the wall easily. The same ultimate could also help Lesley tag an escaping Ling and ends his campaign.
Hayabusha (Assassin)
“Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.”
Before Ling, Hayabusha is the top tier Assassin and he is really fun to play with. His ultimate usually ends an ADC career and his S2 allows him to mess with enemies who loves to do pointless chase; and even when they happen to get real close, Hayabusha’s S1 simply slows them down to buy him more time to escape.

It’s highly impossible to catch a pro Hayabusha. However just like any assassin, he has low HP pool and he needs to be in and out quickly for the job. If anything that prevents this execution from going as planned, there will be great consequences. Franco can give him stun that seems to lasts forever, followed by another S1 and Hayabusha may have to get back to jungling for awhile. Chou, Ruby and Silvanna are also excellent choice to deal with Hayabusha when the allies just need time to eliminate Hayabusha while he’s being CC’ed.

Khufra in S2 form can actually knocks Hayabusha off in his first phase of S2 Quad Shadow, which is dashing forward. A good Khufra player will use this window of opportunity to apply S1 and reposition himself for a successful S3 stun. If allies are competent, they will follow up and slay Mr. Ninja without missing a beat.

  • Other acceptable options: Nana.
  • Low key counter: Since Hayabusha is an amazing lane pusher, Masha should be considered to even out the objective scale.
  • Gear counter: Winter Truncheon (Frozen and takes no damage for 2s) or Wind of Nature (MM get immunity to Physical damage for 2s).
  • Despite all that, little does anyone know this is the best way to counter Hayabusha after all.

Hero Counter Chart (Standard Picks)


Countered By

Diggie, Nana, Saber, Rafaela, Cyclop.

Granger, Irithel, Zhask, Esmeralda, Harith, X-Borg.
Revamped. Data is still being collected to determined if our Groot will make it to meta this season. In general, Belerick is weak against high burst early game and very efficient against dps-based heroes (damage per second) such as Claude, Wanwan, Masha for example. Last season Belerick’s ulti shares reflect damage buff with allies within his area but the revamp has removed this unique skill of his.
Esmeralda, Baxia.
To best way to counter Uranus besides Preparation H is a hero who can penetrate his shield (Esmeralda), or reduces his regen rate siginificantly (Baxia). However, any hard CC hero who equips with Necklace of Durance or Sea Halbert stands very a good chance of rendering Uranus helpless.
Karrie, Bruno.
Wanwan, Claude or other MM with Demon Hunter Sword are also viable options, but be careful of getting backfired by Blade Armor gear. Kite away from Hylos’ Ring of Punishment.
Grock, Hylos, Esmeralda.
Grock’s wall could tactically block Johnson’s S3, while Hylos S3 or Diggie S3 allows his teammates to retreat safely from the car crash. Esmeralda attacks through Johnson’s passive shield and it means he’s suddenly not so tanky anymore.


Countered By

Khufra, Lolita, Gatotkaca, Natalia, Silvanna.
*Minsitthar S3 does not work against Wanwan’s passive dash. Also even though Masha can practically disarm Wanwan and prevent her from dashing for a brief moment, Wanwan has a built-in purify and she can quickly gain control of the situation again.
Lolita, Belerick, Eudora, Aurora, Guinevere, Lesley, Ling, Hayabusha, Natalia, Harley.
*Most marksmen especially Karrie, are monsters late game as they become the Tank hunter. Hence it’ll be a challenge to stop them at that point. However burst mages and assassins can counter MM easily, if they keep a constant pressure in early game.


Countered By

Lolita, Chou, Nana, Rafaela, Ling.
*Lunox babe is most vulnerable after her Chaos Ultimate, catch her at this point is a lot easier than trying to stun her while her Light Ultimate is available –because it can immediately give her an immunity and a successful escape.
Diggie, Khufra, Minsitthar, Franco.
*Selena’s pet dog is the most adorable pet in MLBB. It chases and it paralyzes your legs just for fun, if those legs accidentally step on his shit they also get bitten. If you are not confident dealing with Selena, bring Purify spell and it should save you many times.
Esmeralda, Lolita, Eudora, Gusion, Aurora.
In folklore, Chang’e was banished to the moon by the Jade Emperor, because she fell in love with a dude. If that is the same Chang’e here in MLBB, that dude is now in FBI custody.
Valir, Chang’e, Pharsa, Hanzo, Hylos.
*Lesley is a fine pick against Zhask because her S1 can be used to run away or poke Zhask’s ulti; while her S2 provides a window of opportunity for escape if it ever gets too close. Lesley’s burst damage in mid-game can very likely take down Zhask’s spawn in a few shots. In reality, most inexperienced Lesley is Zhask’s food.
Chou, Gusion, Ling, Lolita, Minsitthar, Kaja.
*Hilda is actually a pretty fun hero to counter Harley due to her strong shield against magic attack and regen ability while hiding in bush. Hilda’s S1 can chase Harley all the way back to his hat easily. Her S2 slows him and S3 gives decent damage as well as a stun, which then usually followed by Execute.
Khufra, Chou, Akai, Pharsa, Fanny, Ling, Aurora, Zilong, Guinevere.
Chou S3, Khufra S1, Zilong S1, Minotaur S3, Guinevere S2 are a few skills that can cancel Gord’s ultimate. Wanwan might be able to escape with S2 but she’s too squishy against Gorg’s ultimate, yet if she does get away she then can kite and finish him.


Countered By

Khufra, Minsitthar, Franco, Chou, Ruby.
Rafaela, Lesley.
Minsitthar, Khufra, Franco.
If you are a lone Mage/MM and suddenly Helcurt turns off the light then you hear his evil laugh along with “TremmmmmBbble!”, it’s time to pack up your stuffs for a journey home.
Ling, Pharsa, Harley, Fanny, Aldous, Baxia.


Countered By

Minsitthar, Chou, Khufra, Akai, Terizla, Silvanna.
Nobody. They don’t just call him Balmond the Blender for no reason. Balmond’s Ulti + Execute spell = Sure Death.
But Tank Layla, Flicker Fanny, Mage Zilong and MM Nana/MM Estes may stand a chance.

Minsitthar, Franco, Helcurt, Khufra, Nana.
Kaja’s S3 is a type of suppresses and it cannot be purified, but it can be prevented if Purify spell is used moment BEFORE Kaja uses Divine Judgment.
Khufra, Minsitthar, Valir, Nana, Zhask, Chou, Franco.
Guinevere, X-Borg, Ruby, Irithel, Aurora, Vale, Belerick, Baxia.


Countered By

Esmeralda, Johnson, Ling, Nana, Lolita.
Grock, Ling, Gusion, Lesley, Zhask, Granger, Pharsa.
Avoid bushes where Diggie is around. Far-range burst heroes are good counters again Diggie since he has low HP pool.

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