DIY Cleaning Mass Air Flow sensor on your Volkswagen Eos to Restore Lost Power ($10 Fix to Prevent $300 Repair)

DSC07911The TSI 2.0 engine in your Volkswagen Eos uses a device called mass air flow (MAF) sensor to monitor incoming air volume via the air intake system. The measurement then passed on to the engine control unit (ECU) where it could use this data to determine an efficient mixture of air-fuel ratio to the engine.

When the MAF sensor gets dirty, clogged or worn out due to harsh seasons (pollen, dust, road salt, etc…), it does not provide an accurate reading to the ECU. Consequently, your car will face a wide range of issues; some of the most noticeable problems are misfiring, sluggish acceleration, stalling, throttle hesitation, poor fuel economy. In the worst case scenario when the MAF sensor is malfunctioning, the check engine light will come up with error codes P0100, P0102, P0103, and P0104. If it has gone this far, you will have to buy a new MAF sensor.

Now it’s very easy to do maintenance on the MAF sensor and it could prevent an expensive fix for your Eos. The process will cost around $5-$30 and about 15 minutes of your time. That’s a lot better than replacing the MAF sensor at your local VW for $250+ and 3-hour wait time.

Tools You’ll Need

I’ll be using the Ratcheting 101-Piece Bit Driver Set by Performance Tool in this article. However, all you need is a torx tamper-proof T25 to remove the pair of screws that attach the MAF sensor to its housing.

Then, you will need some rubbing alcohol (also known as isopropyl alcohol) to clean the sensor.

Removing the MAF sensor

1. Locate the MAF sensor.


2. Disconnect the wiring. Simply press your thumb on the latch and gentle pull it up. You may have to wiggle the connector a bit to get it out.



2. Get your tamper-proof T25 and remove the two screws.



3. Pull the MAF sensor straight up.


4. Drop it into a Ziploc bag. If you run out of supply, click here to buy 347 Ziploc bags.


Cleaning the MAF Sensor

5. Fill 1/5 the bag with isopropyl alcohol and gently agitate it to shake off the contaminant.


6. Let it sit for 5 minutes then remove sensor from bag. Use a lint-free soft paper towel to wipe off excess or stubborn dust.


7. Appreciate the your new and shiny MAF sensor for an hour while it’s drying up.


8. Reinstall back into the MAF housing and you’re done!

What’s Next ?

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Let us know in the comment section or on our facebook group at Volkswagen EOS Owners if this has helped your car run better.

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