5 Qigong Tips to Reduce Eyestrain and Improve Your Vision

Welcome to another article at Custom PC Guide .net. Despite the telling domain name, today let’s talk about something else completely irrelevant to computers and nothing even close to the technology world.

I want to dedicate this topic to remind you the importance of your vision and show you how to improve your eyes’ health tremendously.

Let’s address this big elephant in the room about all the claims, the facts and later followed by the reasonable explanations you will soon discover as this topic unveiled itself.

So yes the answer is, you could bring back that 10/10 vision. Do not listen to the common belief that tells you once you start to see everything blurry, you never see clearly again unless you undergo a Lasik surgery. You have the power to improve your eyes sight just as easy as how the body always naturally heals an open cut on its skin, and you don’t have to be an Inhuman to be able to do that, S.H.E.L.D approves this method.

But first, let us look at the source of the problem.

What’s Wrong ?

You see, when you are playing games, reading memes or researching procreation, you stare at the monitor screen, the phone, tablet, etc.. a whole lot of times. This period may be pleasure to your call, but it increases stress to the mind and further swings the emotion unexpectedly. At the end of the day you leave the computer feeling exhausted, weary and anxious.

When we focus on something too intensely, the body tends to harden and our structure becomes unaligned. Your eyes transform into a frozen state where the view and perception become narrow to the object you are looking at, you now can only produce tunnel-vision throughout this period. The dangerous of this behavior is your eyes no longer concern about the peripheral vision, they fixed onto a still position. That means the rest of the surrounding besides the focus point; the lights and everything else in front of you are blocked to about one third of 126 millions light-sensing cells in your eyes.

These light-sensing cells can possibly create billions and billions of HD images but since the brain cannot process that too many, it then has to choose them selectively. When you direct all of them to a certain location unnaturally for too long the brain has adapt in a bad way. Your vision is also most impacted by your negative emotions such stress, anger and sorrow.

Soon, your eyes simply receive less and less light than a normal vision could.

As the result, you either A) strain your eyes more to see better or B) wear glasses and C) end up doing eye-surgery. Both last options are the common ways of modern science to “improve your vision”. As you understand that statement correctly, it can only improve the vision sight not the health of your precious eyes.

Not so long later you will see blurry again. Let’s learn to take care of the eyes the right way, via the oldest methods of ancient Eastern teachings : Yoga and Qigong.

The Art of Self-Healing

Now, those of you guys who have not read the About section, in short, I had a chance to mention that I’m also running another blog called The Arts of Martial Arts. For the record, I made that blog to share the knowledge of self-defense techniques and the humble philosophies of great Martial Arts practitioners as well as assassination methods.

I was lucky to study under the teachings of many renowned masters and some of them were the heritage of the most traditional health-preservation techniques called Qigong. It is almost magical kind of thing to the modern day or the Western world, but gradually qigong and the concept of qi (chee or ki in Japan) have grown and become a quite familiar term to a lot of people around the world nowadays.

The open-minded person start to accept its knowledge and practice, knowing that it can help one get rid of sickness and could even cure cancer as well as finding peace for the spirit. Unfortunately there are many snake-oil salesman out there that prey on the uninformed, so if you must be very careful picking a real Qigong master, especially if you are a foreigner.

Now, how does this qigong thing do all that?

For a person who has never been approached by the Qi concept before, it first looks like Jedi ability that one can walk on water, transmit energy to blow a candle or possess unbelievably endurance. The Force. But Starwars is set thousands of years in the future and humanity today probably finally got out of the stone-age and yet to fully realize the power of Qi.

But those who know, it is simply about the energy stored in the Dantien area, inches below the belly button that works its power, a.k.a our core, you should hear this often in Beachbody trainings such as Insanity or Les Mill Combat Arts.

Everyone has this energy or else we will not live. However not everyone has the same amount of energy. Some has more from training, like the Qigong master named John Chang in this rare English documentary about psychic abilities.

Let me tell you the most miracle tale of all times

Nine months before your birthday, at the point where the sperm met the egg created the Dantien area (mentioned in the video above). It was small like a yolk of an egg, like a seed of a tree but it contained all the DNAs of your parent, all the energy you needed to grow strong. This energy is called pre-natal energy.

However you were not alone, the umbilical cord from your belly attached to your mother helped you receive more nutrition. So you did not have to move and never were hungry. You slept most of the times and your mind was still and quiet. When they say sleeping like a baby, the body is unconscious yet the mind is aware, and the breath is slow yet deep and strong.

When you grow older you may forget how to do this and your sleep is long but unhealthy. You could sleep for 12 hours and get up later feeling like a shitty hangover. What was the last time that “power nap” lasted twenty or forty minutes and blessed you with the supreme boost of energy for the rest of the day?

The baby can sleep very little, for example she can sleep from 1am to 2am then up and cry all night. Then she falls asleep again for another one or two hours and repeats the pattern. The point here is, if you learn to sleep like that your body can recover energy much faster when you relax, when you let go and let loose of all existing concerns.

How Qigong Could Help   

Now that you have tapped a little to the concept of Qi, I am sure you also have understand that your prenatal energy is the energy you were born with, it becomes the unique aura for you, just like your fingerprint. Those who learn to obtain more energy and control it in life, find themselves at ease with nature.This is post-natal energy.

It helps a person become more sensitive with the world around, meaning they detect the problems of a sickness, bad omens, misfortune etc.. more accurately.

They can find good things, great opportunities and lucks easier, too (without the need of Feng Shui). And by having a lot of good energy inside, the Qigong practitioners can help those who have less to overcome their weakened mind and body. Most major sickness, tumor and cancers are caused by the imbalance energy, blockages or dysfunctional organs.

From here, you know that you do have the ability to help relax your eyes, increase your vision without ever need to wear any glasses.

Besides my Qigong practice for eyes-health below, I also include a Yoga technique that was mentioned in the Yoga for Your Eyes by Dr. Meir Schneider. What I cover here is simply insufficient compared to the tremendous work he has devoted into writing this book. I recommend you have a physical copy to practice his proven methods whenever you can. Why? Because I’m sure you won’t be on the computer all the times to remember and read this article.

That defeats the purpose of consistent practice and the motivation to care for one of the most hard-working organ of your body.

1. Palming Technique

This exercise should be done every time, anytime you can. It is easy and brings great benefits to your eyes. You’ll feel refreshing immediately after a few minutes, guaranteed –or we’ll travel to the past and give you your time back — because Gravity is extreme Yin qi energy, and that’s how Cooper traveled back in time when he was inside the black hole dimension and made contacts with his daughter, interesting eh? But I digress.

Just like a muscle, when you work hard it becomes sore and out of shape. If you do a lot of squats, the next day you may not be able to walk easily. It means the muscle is at the stage of expanding and it is not very strong. The pain also tells you that the body is trying to repair the tissues and make them better so you should not push it any further.

Now the question is can your eyes tell you that? Probably not. Not until the moment you feel the headache is coming or when you are trying to sleep at night. Promise yourself you will do these three steps right after you finish reading them :

  1. Find a relaxing position, where your elbows can support your arms and hands comfortably. You can put them on your computer desk, too.
  2. Rub your hand together for at least 20-40 seconds until it’s hot. This brings up the post-natal energy stored in your Dantien as well as making your hands become more conductive to energy surround you. By rubbing your hands, you can pass your own good energy and healing energy from nature to your eyes. If you are a skeptical one, which I also was when I was young, you don’t have to imagine it’s any type of energy whatsoever. You are just generating heat in your hands. But one day you will realize alot more. Sometimes it is just not the right time yet.
  3. Cup your hand, close your eyes and let the center of your palms cover your eyes. You will instantly feel the soothing wave of heat (energy) to the eyes and to the back of the head. From here, you just have to stop imagining and stop thinking. It only takes ten minutes.

You don’t have to think, the mind can think all it wants for the rest of the day but all the body asks for now is a few minutes of silence and emptiness. When you have cleared all thoughts, what’s left is just the blackness itself. The theory of emptying the mind is very difficult.

We once did it easily when we were that little embryo, we just have to unlearn everything for a moment to go back to the root deep within us. Just for a moment.

Now even though the view of blackness is also a thought itself, but do not let that distracts your intention. Free your imagine but gives it a direction.

You want to see the black sky. And somewhere in this enormous view, you find a small dark circle that is even blacker than the black sky you are looking at. That circle grows bigger and bigger as it comes closer to you. Then you find another point within this circle, it is even darker than than the big one. As you go through this pattern, you soon reach the stage of greatest blackness.

You don’t have to try to find it, you don’t even have to imagine. It will come to you very naturally. You can stay a little bit longer than ten minutes but once you think you are done, slowly remove your hands and open your eyes slowly. Tell us in the comment section how that feels!

2. Palming Technique II : Using the same method above, you slightly change its course of direction a little. Instead of closing the eyes, you will open them and imagine the green color, instead of the black.

You can do this when you are outdoor but it’s a little harder to achieve the state of relaxation. This method will quickly reduce the stress in your eyes and gives you a whole lot more healthy energy to get back on what you are doing.

3. Blinking Technique : Go ahead, blink. One more time. Blink another time. Feel better ? Every time you blink your eyes, you cool down and ease the energy that built up in your retina. It also removes other particles on your eyes and help you see clearer. Don’t forget to blink. I’m glad now that I make you blink manually. If you wear glasses you usually don’t blink for a whole ten minute, knowing that on average a normal person blinks 25 times per minute.

4. Sunning and Tracing Technique : This exercise does ask for a bit of effort and you can do it occasionally. It requires a sunny day with a beautiful horizon. Consider this a reward to your eyes as well as the body after all the hard working day. I usually do this at a park near home. It has a big lake surrounded by a beautiful green forest. If you don’t have such location close by you can go to a football field, that works too.

Here are two steps you need to do :

  1. Face the direction of the sun (not directly to the sun), then stand still with both hands relax and open. Let them loose on your side while bending your knees a little. Move the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, behind the front teeth. Your back is straight and there is not tension on your shoulders. Then you close your eyes. Inhale and exhale slowly. Each breath is deep. Each breath does not stop at the lungs but falls deeper into the Dantien level. You can feel the bright energy of the sun descended into the center of your forehead. Relax your mind and let your body flows with the sound of nature. You will feel very calm and peaceful. If you think it is too hot, you could position yourself under a shade but be sure you find a clear line-sight to the sun. Do this exercise for ten to fifteen minutes without wearing your glasses.
  2. When the sunning is done, keep the same position but slowly open your eyes. You may not see the colors correctly at first but it will get clearer and clearer as you move on. Now look to the furthest left side of the horizon. There is no stress in this movement.
    You do not try to absorb what is there, but you are perceiving what is there.
    You are not trying to see the picture, but you are receiving view.
    It is totally different.
    Now tracing the horizon line from your current position to the right side. Slowly and effectively. This means you are not trying to recognize what is along the way, but you learn what there are along the way. This exercise helps your eyes to be more flexible, immune to the frozen-state you read from early paragraph. Your eyes will also be able to accept more light without any effort.
    This practice you learn here will go a long way to your daily life. It will change the way you read books, watch TV or working with the computer. You will put less burden to the eyes and improve your eyes-sight a lot with this simple knowledge.

5. Head Massage

This exercise is quick remedy to cure headaches, eye-strain and sore neck. You don’t have to be in those bad conditions to do the exercise. Simply rotate between each method everyday to keep you interested.

Our motivation is the strongest but also the least consistent friend. It is easy for us to get bored of something very quickly. When you first start to land a good job you have a lot of motivation to work and earn good money. When the process becomes repetitive, that fire cools down and eventually your once great job will grow to be a heavy burden. Don’t let this happen to you. This is not about earning money, this is about you and your eyes. You want to see your family, your parent, your lovely spouse, your children as the most beautiful faces to you, not a simply being another blurry life without glasses.

  1. Rubbing your hands together until it is hot. With both hands where index fingers touch both side of your nose, massage along the nose to the top of the forehead, then to the temples and back to where you started. Go through this cycle a couple of times before you begin to cup the top of your head from top to the back of the neck. You can do this a few times then massage the head with all your fingers from top to the back of the neck.
  2. Finally, massage your ears. Do it throughout from top to bottom, inner areas to the outer areas. The ears have a lot of meridians and pressure points that connect to all internal organs of the body, when you massage the ears to ease the tension of them all.

I’m glad you have stayed with me til this end of the article. I’m sure you have learned a thing or two and I know these exercises will definitely improve your eyes vision as well as reduce the stress, otherwise you would have left them on your eyes. Be healthy and I’ll see you again in the next techy article!

p.s I’m surprised you even found this article, it’s been buried a few miles deep under all other tech stuffs we have published. Yet you have found a gem of 2012 here, congrats. Leave a comment so we know you are here in 2020, how is the world’s view of Qigong then? Iron Fist? Quake? Chirrut Imwe? Well. I guess a few more decades then.

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