The perk of blogging for Custom PC Guide blog is I get to spend much time, many money to acquire the latest PC components for reviewing purposes before finally sending them away to the monthly sweepstakes on our Facebook. The downside is, that usually leaves me with a net income of -$5 before the end of the month. Yes, many people block ads, no money no more.

So whenever I wanna buy something else for myself on the side, I have to be very careful and making sure it’s really worth it –of each and every dime leftover. Hence this page is all about random, impulse and unnecessary purchases that I have made throughout the years — to be fair some are good stuffs though. Enjoy and check back often to see more reasons why I’m always broke like a member of Malcolm family.

Thermal Leak Detector

Thermal Leak Detector for $26 and this thing is hours of fun!

I personally use it to check for cold air draft in the house..but here are other extended ways as suggested by others: check temp of bathtub water before you jump in so it doesn’t boil you alive, the ramen soup bowl, how angry your wife is, the cat’s butt, haunted spots in the basement, your ex’s cold heart, etc…

p.s As opposed to a common infrared detector, this gun also emits 3 different lights color indicating different temperature range.

For those who’re interested, I found an air draft from one of the outlets on the back wall of the house. Sealed it and saved a bunch on heating energy the following month.

Sun Joe SPX6000C-XR Complete Cordless Pressure Washer

I didn’t want to stand in the cold of winter to wash salt and dirt of the car, so I bought this and made a review. Turned out, it’s so much fun that I have had spent more time in the cold playing with it more than I ever should. Totally defeat the original purpose.

Garage Door Decorative Accessories

Have you ever sat there quietly staring out the window on a breezy, rainy early afternoon in the summer time and thought… “well my garage doors look kinda bland” and decided to dress it up? I have.

For a little less than $40 to do two doors, I think it’s a good price and these faux handles actually look nice. What do you think?

Epson ET-2650 Printer – Goodbye to ink catridges!!

There was never a printer that I could love, until I met the Epson ET-2650. Here’s my quick review.

It was the first time in my life I found an inkjet printer that could outdo the saving cost of a laser printer. The Epson ET-2650 is a member of the Epson EcoTank printer series, it does not use tiny little catridges for ink.

See, I grew tired of buying Magenta one day, then Yellow the next and ended up spending more for Black on the weekend. It was a never ending battle of catridges replacement every month. So what does the EcoTank mean? It means ink come in a bottle and you refill the big ink tank on the side of the printer whenever that color is depleted, like back in the very old days. But that’s what printers should have been these days instead of the expensive catridges. Here, buy this printer for $30, but ink will cost you about tree fiddy dollars. Ever feel like being scammed?

It has been a year now since I bought the ET-2650 and I still haven’t used half of the ink supply that the printer came with. And I printed plenty. The refill bottle costs less than $20 and buying all four colors would set you back ~$80. Imagine a single catridge of other typical printer would have cost you $50 on average and only lasts 2-3 months top. I’m starting to believe I could go 2 years with this original ink supply before I have to order a new set of them. So if my math done right…

– Epson Ecotank each color bottles (B,Y,C,M) is about $12. For a total of less $50, you have ink that last for up to 2 years with tens of thousands of color prints.
– Typical 4 color catridges x $40 (average each) = $160 lasts about 6 months or less before you run out of ink. For 2 years, it would have been $160 x 4 = $640.
– Remanufactured version of those 4 color catridges x $12 (average each) = $48. For 2 years, that’s $192.

Good job, Epson!

Black Friday 2016 – LeEco Le Pro 3 Smartphone

At this time, LeEco was new yet very aggressive to the U.S market. They wanted to be the next big Xiaomi and OnePlus, before they realized it wasn’t as easy as they thought and called it quit. Any how, I found out they ran this promotion for nearly $300 OFF for the Le Pro3 on Black Friday and I thought, “well what the hell”.

This phone got a Snapdragon 821 CPU that of Pixel XL, one Plus 3T, LG G6 –so it has plenty of performance juice. On top of that there is 4GB RAM, a 1080p screen (403 PPI), QuickCharge 3.0, CDLA Audio, fingerprint reader and bunch of other goodies. I played MU online where the older BLU phone struggled so much, it doesn’t make Le Pro3 break a sweat.

However what I’m really impressed by far is how it handles me. Yeah, you read that right. Phones don’t last long with me because I’m constantly dropping them by accident. Plus the kick in the middle of the fall that’s somehow supposed to save the phone but only give it more aerial damage. The Le Pro3 took a lot of abuse from free fallings every other day and the screen still working, camera still working, everything is fine, tis’ but a scratch. The body is solid, 5/7.

However, if you read the reviews online regarding its software, the judgements are accurate. Le Pro3 is bloated with LeEco proprietary apps and they consume a lot of system memory. Most times of the day I only see 1.4GB free so that’s something. Almost a year later to 2017 Black Friday and there is still no easy to root this phone. Yet you can go the more difficult road by installing TWRP recovery which quickly evolves this phone to a big beast that it already is. For $250 at the time I bought it, it’s a steal and one of the best money I spent on phone without crying like a kid if it was $1000 on the iPhone X.

You can get Le Pro3 even less than $200 on Amazon these days.