COVID19 Lockdown & 10 Things You Should Have on Hand before Summer

While a majority of people are fighting for the best toilet papers at Costco and supermarkets, I’d want you to be more informed and be able to prioritize these more important items to have on hands; as we are heading towards the summer months with the Coronavirus on our back.

During the next minimum 2-4 months, you should:

  • be able to have safe food/drink consumption at home for your family if supermarkets closed down or saving start to dry up
  • tighten up home security against looters, intruders
  • be equipped with sanitary options for daily activities
  • have an acceptable amount of survival supplies and emergency kits..

It is most essential to ensure the safety and well-being of your family to ride out the COVID19 crisis. Anything we do before a crisis might seem alarmist, but everything we do after the pandemic will always be inadequate.

When Does the COVID-19 Pandemic End?

Since we all are in this together, CPG staffs collectively decide that we should also share what we know might happen, so that our readers can also be fully prepared for what lays ahead.

First and foremost we do not obtain our data from the media, but our perspective is shaped by the official COVID19 research by the Imperial College, regarding this crisis in the U.S. The study was published on March 16th, 2020.

The renowned Imperial College is one of the top ten universities in the world with an international recognition for excellence in teaching and research. They have put a lot of works into this study and their data is absolutely more accurate and trustworthy than any other mainstream medias we know of.

With that being said, here’s the simulation graph which was extracted from page 19 of the Imperial College COVID19 research. Based on the graph, there are 3 possible outcomes for the U.S.

Frankly, we are really in a catch-22 with this pandemic.

1 – BLACK LINE: If we do nothing, more than 65% of U.S population or 214 millions Americans will be infected. All the worst numbers (sick, dead, unemployment, bankruptcy, collateral damage) will peak as early as mid-June. It will be devastating to millions of families financially, mentally and physical health. As much as 20 millions people will be out of jobs –to put that figure in perspective, McDonald is the national chain restaurants but they only employ 375,000 people and Florida has a population of 21.3 millions.

2 – GREEN LINE: If we close schools and execute general social distancing from time to time but inconsistently (similar to what is happening right now), the curve will appear to slow down, however it will begin to rise sharply again in November then finally peak on the Christmas days. This time, the crisis will last about a month longer than in the first simulation, however the death toll is expected to be reduced by at least 20% in comparison. This will still be devastating to millions of people due to the prolonged uncertainty of lock downs in exchange for a terrible, seemingly indifferent death toll. And after all the quarantine orders that would last more than half a year, small businesses will start to die out in mass.

3 – ORANGE LINE: If we strongly enforce case isolation, complete Wuhan-style household quarantine where people were locked up in their home for nearly 5 weeks, along with strict social distancing from TODAY until February of 2021 (~11 months), there will still be a surge of infections in mid December, still devastating but the damage is then cut in half. If we are doing this right, it will buy us five extra months without overwhelming hospitals across the nation, and allow us to prepare medical supplies, ventilators, beds, to withstand the final blow from COVID19. Then we will be done with it as early as the end of February 2021.

*RED LINE: numbers of available ICU beds. We will exceed every single hospital in any simulation, which causes collateral damage where life-threatening injuries from car accidents, gunshot, stroke, heart attack, and other urgent medical issues not getting necessary treatment on time. This would add a substantial number to the final death toll after the dust settled.

Either way of looking at these numbers, it’s now apparent that we are also heading toward one of the worst economic recessions or depressions in the U.S history.

Is there a possible 4th outcome where things get better in the least amount of time for everyone? No one knows…

However in the end it will be impossible to know if we overreacted or did too much, yet it will be QUITE apparent if we under reacted or did too little. So here’s a short list of several important items that you may need to get everything in line, while we brace through this pandemic together.

Quick Updates

Update March 26th, 5PM EST
USA has officially taken the first place from China. We are now the country with the most COVID-19 infections. An hour earlier at 4PM EST, USA was the third place and Italy was second.

Update March 28th, 3PM EST
The infection rate is skyrocketing through the roof in the U.S. There were 18,691+ new cases in one day. That’s roughly the total number of all students in 7 high schools combined.

Update April 2nd, 1PM EST
White House has increased the expected COVID-19 death toll to 240,000. As of today, Coronavirus is killing 1 American every 1 minute. USA has more infections than both Italy and Spain combined (2nd and 3rd place). Our unemployment count is now 10 millions people.

Update April 9th, 3PM EST
New York state with an estimated population of 20M, now has more confirmed COVID19 cases than any other country in the world. Our unemployment count is now 17 millions people (14%).

Update April 10th, 1PM EST
You can still get the $1200 stimulus payment even if you DID NOT file income tax or DID NOT work in 2019 or 2018 (US only). See the new requirements and start the online application here.

[FB] HOW COVID19 KILLS –I’m a Surgeon–And Why We Can’t Save You.

1 – Improving Indoor Air Quality

A study by Johns Hopkins Medicine shows that Spring fever and seasonal pollen allergy could inadvertently weaken your immune system and opens up opportunity for unanticipated complications if you happen to catch the Coronavirus later.

The National Institutes of Health have also reported cases of permanent lung damages and scarring in younger infected patients, as well significant loss of lung capability in the elderly after the recovery.

Hence if you have to shelter at home for the next many weeks, having a proper air purifier means better indoor air quality and your immune system does not have to spend too much energy on fighting harmless pollen. It will help you be more prepared for the actual threat.

With that in mind, the Hathaspace HSP001 is the best-bang for the bucks air purifier with over thousand of rave reviews. This machine is a perfect fit for up to 500sqft room and it can filter pet dander, pollen, mold spores, dust, and germs with ease.

However if budget allows, we highly recommend the SPA-780N, as it is one of the highest rating air purifiers on the market at the time of this writing.

It comes dressed in an elegant outfit, with wifi status report & smart phone control, along with a 6-stage filter system that can seamlessly get rid of odor, smoke, dust, pollen and germ in an 850+ sqft area –nearly double the covered area of most other regular air purifiers.

There are options to wall-mount the device, or let it stand alone in a corner like most traditional air purifiers at home. In our opinion, it’s best for the SPA-780N to be at higher position for the most efficient and most volume of air processed per hour.

  • These 6-stage filters are rated for two years, with 12-hour run each day which gives you a decent timeline before the next replacement.

  1. Prefilter: blocks large particles, debris, pet hat, dust mites.
  2. Medium filter: dust particle, pollen.
  3. HEPA filter: particles that carry viruses, mold, fungi, bacteria, dander.
  4. Custom filter (select one): Germ defense/Toxin Defense/Pet Allergy/Odor Remover.
  5. Carbon filter: household odor, cooking odor, volatile organic compounds, tobacco smokes, exhaust fumes.
  6. Negative Ion generator: emits negative ion into the air to clump up positive-charged dust, particles, smoke, pet dander into larger particles for easier re-filter.

Other tier options:

2 – UPS / Power Generator during Power Outages

If the “shelter in place” situation extends towards the summer months, there will certain be a major shortage in electric supply sooner or later. This is what we have learned from other countries and it’s something that must be taken proactively.

When the temperature starts to rise and people are stuck in their home all day, that means computers, TV, HVAC will be up and running at maximum capacity –millions of them all at the same times. As the result, power outage due to transformer overload will happen more often and unavoidable.

For somebody, it might be just an inconvenience when the Internet router is off, they can still use phone 4G data. But soon the phones will be out of juice as well. For some other folks with medical condition which requires electrical aiding devices, it could mean life and death if the power is being cut off for too long.

If you have limited needs for electric in your home, consider buying an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for the most economical, greener approach as back up powers.

A 1000W UPS can charge up your phones and power your modem/router for at least a week. Under our test of casual usage, CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD last for 13 days keeping three iPhone XS Mas alive, as well an Internet cable modem and wireless router full functioning.

If used conservatively, it will last up to 19 days.

On the other hand if you think that is not enough for what you need, the next approach would be gas-powered power generator.

We recommend spending the extra money to purchase generator that support dual fuels, which means it can take either gasoline or liquid propane. If one source of energy is unavailable, you can substitute with another.

Most of the mid-range generators (<4,000 watts) can run continuously up to 9 or 10 hours and are great for home use. Higher wattage models usually have shorter run-time, but they provide more load power and often used for RV and outdoor camping/festival events instead.

Now in term of typical use of a power generator, you likely will need a long power cord from the generator to where you would require electric power such as TV, Internet modem, lights, etc… If you have the budget to go bigger you can look at a Generator Transfer Switch Kit. This kit allows you to temporarily disconnect your home from the city’s electrical grid and tap into the power generator for the entire whole house use.

The Power Transfer Kit is the best use for power generator, but it is also the most expensive approach. You also have to be careful not to overload the generator, even though the kit comes with safe circuit breaker to prevent unexpected power spike from damaging your equipments.

You can also combine both UPS and a power generator for safest distribution of power in your home.

Also consider:

3 – Preventing Intruders, Increasing Home Security Level

Multiple home invasions have been reported all across the nation during this pandemic. They are probably coming for your toilet papers!

Jokes aside, these robbers who pose as medical officials are attempting to “perform free Coronavirus test” in people’s house. The dangerous part is some of them actually come with guns.

It will be, again, a matter of time before another bad guy decides it’s time to break in someone else’s house in the middle of the night. If this unfortunate event really unfolds to your home, you’d want to be notified the very moment they got inside the house so you can react accordingly.

Most older home alarm systems lacks motion sensors to be installed at variable key areas in the house.

Burglar these days just does not open a door and risks trigger an alarm system anymore, they know. Instead they will sneak in via an unlock window, a weak slide door, an unsecured garage door.

Thus you’d need a few motion sensors that can detect unwanted movement in entry-point area or around the house perimeter, places that do not expect anyone walking around when you are fast sleep/away from home.

Some of these alarm systems, like the one we recommended above, also come with a siren that generates up to 115 decibels upon triggered –which often can completely deter any malicious attempts along with dialing an emergency number via a preinstalled SIM card of your choice.

The alarm can also draw neighbors’ attention to your house and further increases the chance you and your family come out safely.

In this article, we demonstrate every step of installing slightly older but similar home alarm system to the Thustar model here, it should give you a good idea of how easy a DIY project it is. At the end of the day, this system will make a big difference and absolutely pays for itself when it’s needed the most.

Home Security Kits Comparison and Setting up ENKLOV-W1 Wifi Smart Alarm System.
--..add this big siren outside so your neighbors are fully aware you are being robbed.

4 – Surveillance Cameras

Now some of us would like to increase your home security beyond the alarm system, because you believe that once the intruders are inside in the middle of the night you will most likely be in the dark. You just don’t know their location or their move to avoid a surprise confrontation.

In order to gain a significant advantage in such life-threatening situation, you need to have eyes on the ground. That’s where these Wyze cameras come in handy.

Don’t let the low price fools you. This nifty device is one of the top-quality, highly-versatile and very durable surveillance cameras in the market. I have seen several commercial restaurants and offices got these cameras installed throughout their buildings, instead of the old bullet-style cameras.

Wyze Cam PTZ version can pan, titl and zoom and all these actions can be executed smoothly from your smartphone. Each Wyze Cam has its own memory card slot where you can use a MicroSD card for continuous recording. You can navigate through the playback right from your phone or tablet.

You can also setup a schedule for motion detection and receive a notification when the camera finds movement. This gives you an advantage of almost having the bird-eye view in the house and just like the home alarm system, it pays for itself the moment you really need it during this pandemic –having the face of the criminal on record will also make it easier for law enforcement to get their job done asap.

Recommended accessories/add-ons

5 – Bidet for Conventional Toilet when TP is Out

Bidet is all of a sudden making a round in the U.S due to the toilet paper hoarding, even though toilet paper has nothing to do with fighting or preventing or helping the cause against Coronavirus; and such actions can’t be explained medically or scientifically.

Bidet is well-known to the rest of the world but in America, we somehow prefer the ancient technique of year 1857 to clean up after our business.

If you have a traditional toilet at home and you are out of stock for TP, it’s about time to make use of what the modern world has to offer. An add-on bidet is very easy to install, most could be done in thirty minutes using just a small wrench.

And once you go bidet you won’t go back. It’s sanitary, clean better than water without leaving any smell. So let’s say NO to the third world use of toilet paper, be a class and install an efficient Bidet!

Full-size Bidet

Hand-sprayer Attachment

6 – First-aid/Survival Kit and Medicines

Find yourself a decent first-aid kit because hospitals around the country will be caught up with coronavirus cases and they may not be able to attend to your medical issue in a timely manner.

Think of situations where you have a large cut, unable to control the bleeding and stuck in traffic, or your kids fractured their ankle, got burnt by the stove, etc…these typical incidents might be pretty mild in a normal day but when urgent care, doctor offices and hospitals are at 200% of their capacity, it could turn into a life-threatening situation very quickly.

You will also need to stack up Tylenol/Acetaminophen pain relief in case someone in your family got the Coronavirus and hospitals are out of bed. A recent report said that Ibuprofen should not be consumed if you have COVID19. Though that has not been proven 100%, but if you are sick we really think it’s better be safe than sorry.

Recommended accessory:

7 – Water Purifier

As food and drink supplies become low and slow to replenish by the days, at some point there will a huge shortage in drinking water especially for those who are used to drink from the bottles.

No problem I aint a pussy! Back in the days I drank straight from the garden hose, I drank from the sink this entire month. Look at me now I’m still strong like a bull!” –Guy with high level of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome.

Well, so obviously things have changed a lot since then. Today water from the sink have been treated for disinfection and have more additional chemicals to guarantee a certain level of safety upon distribution. You won’t die if you happen to drink this kind of water every now and then, but an overly consistent consumption from this source will potentially have negative impact on your body. At least boil the water first.

If you don’t have time to do so, get yourself a water purifier –it is not a gimmick. Modern water purifier can effectively reduce chlorine, dirt, rust, sand and other pollutants thus provides a safer drinking water for you and your family. Some model can also inhibit bacterial growth and improve taste, as well as removes Calcium and Magnesium which are the main cause of TDS.

8 – Food Supplies for 2 adults and 4 kids for one year

  • 30 lbs — Wheat
  • 75 lbs — Enriched white flour
  • 125 lbs — Cornmeal
  • 200 lbs — Rolled oats
  • 300 lbs — Enriched white rice
  • 15 lbs — Pearled barley
  • 180 lbs — Pasta
  • 195 lbs — Dry beans
  • 11 lbs — Dry lima beans
  • 11 lbs — Dry soybeans
  • 11 lbs — Dry split peas
  • 11 lbs — Dry lentils
  • 36 lbs — Dry soup mix
  • 25 qt — Cooking oil
  • 14 qt — Shortening
  • 5 qt — Mayonnaise
  • 5 qt — Salad dressing

  • 20 qt — Peanut Butter
  • 64 lbs — Nonfat dry milk
  • 60 (12oz) cans — Evaporated milk
  • 185 lbs — Granulated sugar
  • 18 lbs — Brown sugar
  • 5 lbs — Molasses
  • 25 lbs — Honey
  • 15 lbs — Corn syrup
  • 30 lbs — Jam
  • 29 lbs — Powdered fruit drink
  • 5 lbs — Jell-o
  • 31 lbs — Salt
  • 3 lbs — Dry yeast
  • 13 lbs — Baking soda
  • 9 lbs — Baking powder
  • 66 gal — Water (or use Water Purifier)
  • Supply of canned fruits and vegetables

Note: Buy half of this amount if only for 2 adults or only for 6 months. Buy same amount if for 4 adults and no kid. If your local supermarkets are out of stock for these items, consider placing an order online using Amazon Whole Foods Market. Also purchase Survival foods if applicable.

9 – Miscellaneous

Last of all, these are useful supplies that you should already have laying around beforehand. For your convenience, clicking on the photo will direct you to the product page on Amazon.

Coronavirus infected patients have greatly reduced their lungs function and the numbers of ventilators are limited in the hospitals. You need something to aid the breathing as well as making it easier and more comfortable for the body to absorb oxygen in the worst case scenario.
Well, 9 months from now there could be a new generation running around called the Coronian. But honestly, the next 12 months aren’t the best time to have kid.
Handy folks can prepare your home with several of these 100W Solar Panel to charge 12V batteries or to power essential devices in the house during power outages.

When it comes down to the time where food rationing is immediate, this package will last you for 8 days and can be stored for 25 years. Get 10 of them and you will be good for almost 3 months.
Prolonged indoor living could exhaust the energy your body needs to produce a strong immune system against diseases. Having a sufficient amount of Vitamin D will keep you from feeling lethargic all the times. Recent research shows that Vitamin D can prevent acute respiratory tract infections from COVID19.

If worst comes to worst, you may want to purchase a gun in order to protect yourself, your family and your home. The last thing you want to do is taking this global pandemic too lightly.

If your only energy source of cooking or heating up food is electric, a portable gas power might be just what you need in case the power outage lasts more than a day.

CPG readers on our Facebook page have shown their concern about Scam calls from fake utility callers asking for money or asking for bank info to deposit stimulus checks. Do not fall for this. Save the cash for your family first and anything else can wait. The recent COVID19 Relief bill prohibits electric/water/gas cut-off, as well as eviction during this crisis!

Fire Starter Sticks.

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